File sharing and collaboration made simple

We designed Jumpshare around the way you work with your team and clients.
Your dashboard is made up of a stream of files and folders. Quickly upload
and share anything, collaborate, and get feedback on your work.


Everything works in real-time

Just drop your files and share. No need to sit around for
the upload progress to finish. Your friends can view the
files the instant they finish uploading at your end.

Lightning fast sharing

Sharing is at the core of the Jumpshare experience. Instantly
copy file or folder links to your clipboard to share anywhere
or use our built-in advanced email sharing options.

Keep your important work close

Mark your important files and folders as favorites so it's
easy to find them later. The 'Favorites' tab stays on top to
help you quickly access your relevant files and folders.

Rearrange your files

Not happy with how your files are showing inside a folder? Choose
Rearrange option from the 'More' drop down menu and drag your
files to rearrange them. You can also sort by date, name, and size.

Share your most recent work

You can share a file and later replace it with a newer version. Your
recipients will automatically get access to the latest version of the
file without breaking the shared link.

Your data is private and secure

You have full control over who sees your files. All files are encrypted using
military grade AES-256 encryption and are sent over a secure/HTTPS
connection. Long secure URLs ensure that your files remain bullet-proof.

A file viewer that can preview anything

Impress your friends, clients, and teammates with a gorgeous and easy-to-use
file viewer that can preview over 200 file formats online, be it on the web or mobile.
View photos, stream videos, play audios, open large documents, and more.
See the full list of supported file formats

"Jumpshare is my go-to way of sending design mockups and final files to clients. It is simple, fast, and reliable."
Jord Riekwel - Designer, Larkef

More than just file sharing

Upload links of your favorite articles, documents, videos, or any other content
residing on 3rd party websites. We will automatically embed the content in the
file viewer to ensure the best possible viewing and sharing experience.
YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, SoundCloud, Instagram, Vine and more

Upload files using direct URLs

If you have a direct URL to a file that's residing elsewhere, we'll
upload the file to your account directly from that URL. No need to
download the file yourself and then upload it manually.

Get Instant Notifications

Whenever a file is shared with you, or your recipient accesses
your shared files, you get instant notifications and email alerts.

Take file sharing to the next level

We made Jumpshare Plus for those who want to get the most out of Jumpshare.
By combining 1TB (1,000GB) storage and custom branding with advanced sharing options
and in-depth analytics, we've made sure it's the most powerful sharing tool out there.
Learn more about Jumpshare Plus

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