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Quickly share your files using drag & drop, capture and annotate screenshots, record your screen, compose notes, bookmark websites, and so much more.

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Drag, drop, and share your files

Simply drag and drop your files to the Jumpshare app in the menu bar and it will automatically copy a link to your clipboard. Paste the link anywhere to share. It's that easy!

File Sharing
File Sharing

Send files directly via email

You can share files via email right from the app. Once sent, you can track when recipients view and download your files. Stay ahead of game!

Capture and annotate screenshots

Capture any part of your screen and annotate with pencil, shapes, text, highlighter and more to share ideas. You can also blur sensitive information and change colors with built-in color picker.

Screenshot Annotation
File Sharing

Record your screen in GIF or video

When recording screencasts, use click tracking, voiceover, and webcam to get your point across. Record screen in both video and GIF. Quickly get a link to share when you finish recording.

Share from your favorite apps

Share your work directly from Photoshop, Sketch, Chrome and other apps with a magical Jumpshare hotkey.

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