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Jumpshare is a free alternative to WeTransfer that helps you share better and preview over 200 file formats online.

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You’re probably considering an alternative to WeTransfer because it has very limited functionality, distracting advertisements, and does not provide a good previewing capability for your files. You’ve come to the right place as we’ve written an overview below where we compare WeTransfer with Jumpshare and discuss the features, user experience, and the price of both platforms.

Features Jumpshare
Upload files
Screenshot capture
Annotate screenshots
Upload history
Search uploads
Record videos
Record GIFs
Record audio
Preview 200 file formats
Drag & drop upload
Advanced shareable links
Schedule sharing
Compose notes
Bookmark websites
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“I was just about to sign up for the full version of WeTransfer and stumbled across Jumpshare. It is very simple and ultra user friendly. What makes it really stand out is that you can you can transfer whole folders as opposed to just single files. I will be subscribing to full version though the free version does as much as I need. I send out a lot of sets of photos and Jumpshare handles this very well indeed. I would highly recommend it.”

Chris HarringtonChris Harrington | Musician & Video Gamer

File Sharing on Steriods

WeTransfer helps you share a file from point A to B, that’s it. Jumpshare takes what WeTransfer offers and makes it even better. With Jumpshare, you can not only share your files using drag & drop on the Web, Mac or Windows, but you can also capture screenshots, record videos, and do a lot more. Read below to find out how Jumpshare is better.

File Sharing

WeTransfer allows you to share files without creating an account, Jumpshare, on the other hand, requires a quick sign up to begin sharing. That’s because Jumpshare offers a dashboard for saving your uploads so you can quickly reshare them without expiring them after a certain number of days. Jumpshare offers a visual gallery and the ability to collect and organize your work which is lacking in WeTransfer. Jumpshare also allows you to preview over 200 file formats so your clients can view them online on any device without having to download them first, thus making it faster for you to showcase your work and collect feedback, speeding up your workflow.

Jumpshare does so much more by offering you advanced options, like an ability to expire your shared links after a certain number of days, views, or downloads, schedule sharing so the files are sent to recipient at the date and time of your choosing, and disable the ability to download files so recipient can only view them online. Jumpshare gives you complete control over your files.

File Sharing

Jumpshare helps you not only in sharing files quickly but also receiving them without any friction. The Inbox feature helps you receive files from anyone without asking them to sign up for an account. Simply share an Inbox link with anyone from whom you want to receive files and they will be able to quickly upload them. You will be informed via email and notification whenever you receive files via Inbox. Communication is a two-way street, and Inbox helps you work better with clients.

When working with clients, they usually require a certain number of revisions before the work is finalized. Jumpshare offers version history allowing you to quickly update the file without breaking the share link. You can simply update your work and the change will be reflected at the client side in real time. You can also restore an older version of your work without losing the latest revision. All of this helps you work faster and save time.

Versioning History

Creative Collaboration

Working on any project requires input from multiple team members and clients so you can better understand the needs and be on the same page. Jumpshare offers a Business plan allowing you to work together with your team and clients on the Team Library. Everyone in the team can upload their work, update it, organize it, leave feedback, and collaborate with each other in real-time on any device.

Business Dashboard

Show, Don’t Tell

Jumpshare helps you communicate better visually with quick screenshot capture and annotation, video recordings of your screen with audio and webcam, and GIF recording. Instead of typing a thousand words, it’s better to show your team members, customers, and clients to reduce guesswork and bring clarity to the conversation. It saves you time and makes everyone more productive.

File Sharing

“Love this app and have been using it since I downloaded it... share at least a few files each week. Unlike WeTransfer which was my previously preferred tool, I get the link the moment I drag my file into the icon and it stays there. Well done, folks!”

App StoreBobo Madness | Rated 5 stars on the App Store, United States

Work from Anywhere

Jumpshare offers a powerful iOS app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to capture, upload, organize, preview, and share your work and ideas on the go. Stay in touch with your team and clients and be ready to share from anywhere. Work doesn’t have to end the moment you are out of office. Stay on top of everything wherever you are.


Affordable and Generous

WeTransfer Plus costs $12/month, allows you to upload files up to 20GB in size and offers a total of 100GB space. Jumpshare Plus costs $10/month, allows you to upload files up to 20GB in size and offers 1TB (1,000GB) space. Jumpshare Plus also comes with advanced analytics, unlimited video recording time, version history, file recovery, and a slew of features which are not available in WeTransfer.


WeTransfer is a basic app to transfer files from A to B for higher costs if you choose to pay. Jumpshare is a complete visual communication platform to help you share and work better for a much more affordable price.

Instant Sharing

We hope you liked this overview. There’s so much that’s possible with Jumpshare that is not covered in this guide. Give it a try to find out all the other things you can do with Jumpshare.

“Jumpshare is easy. Drag your file to the menu bar, type in the email address, my client gets an email with a download link, done! File sharing the way God intended.”

Alan HouserAlan Houser | CEO, Squareflair

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