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Jumpshare is the best alternative to Droplr which gives you advanced sharing options and more control.

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Are you thinking about moving over to Jumpshare? Or perhaps trying to figure out which tool is best for your needs? You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between Droplr and Jumpshare, so we decided to put together an overview. We have highlighted the most key differences between Droplr and Jumpshare in our guide below. We’ll also give you a comparison of features, user experience, and control.

Features Jumpshare
Screenshot capture
Annotate screenshots
Annotate local images
Upload history
Search in desktop apps
Record videos
Record with click tracking
Record with webcam
Record GIFs
Record audio
Upload files
Preview 200 file formats
Drag & drop upload
Advanced shareable links
Schedule sharing
Compose notes
Bookmark websites
Version History
Advanced Analytics
Inbox to receive files

“I’ve been using Jumpshare for quite a while now. I’ve tried a ton of file sharing services, but this one always wins out. Plethora of options when it comes to sharing (screenshots, even screencasts), the ability to save your shares in separate folders — it’s a winner. I’m a designer by trade, and it’s perfect for sharing files with clients for proofing. Couldn’t recommend it more.”

Eric WayneEric Wayne - UX Designer, Tyler Technologies

What’s the overall summary?

Droplr has a basic interface for simple tasks and has limited functionality. There are no advanced options to share your links, nor option to share your work via email, nor the ability to get deeper analytics insights. Everything in Droplr is limited in functionality which results in difficult and frustrating user experience.

The Droplr desktop app has a small thumbnail area, thus lacking the ability to properly preview your uploaded work and no search bar, thus forcing you to visit their web app to search for your uploaded files. Similarly, the Droplr Windows app lacks the option to record your screen on custom size and you’re forced to record fullscreen, therefore resulting in larger video size which takes more time to upload and eats up more bandwidth.

Most importantly, Droplr lacks the number of file formats it can preview online in its file viewer which results in a bad sharing experience because recipients have to download the files to simply view them, thus wasting a lot of time back and forth.

File Sharing

So what does Jumpshare do better?

Before we discuss the differences, let’s first talk about the similarities. The most loved feature of Droplr is the ability to upload anything and get an automatic shareable link. Jumpshare has the exact same functionality. The main difference is how we make the whole sharing experience even better and more powerful.

Everything you need is given in our simple yet powerful desktop app - large previews, one-click access to your files, advanced sharing options, search and other features - without forcing you to visit the website every time you want to perform an action. When everything is just a click away, it allows you to work faster and save time.

Instant Sharing

Jumpshare takes the manual process out of your workflow and automates it to make sharing and collaboration as seamless as possible. Take, for example, the uploading of multiple files in one go with drag & drop, instead of zipping the files like Droplr, Jumpshare automatically creates a visually stunning shareable folder which allows your recipients to preview the files online. Your recipient can then decide to either download the required files only or download all of them.

File Sharing

Similarly, when uploading designs or any other files which are updated frequently (based on client feedback), we automatically detect if the file already exists in your account and then present you with an option to replace it or create a duplicate. Replacing your file will update it without breaking the share link. We automatically take care of versioning for you and give you an option to view previous versions of your file and restore them anytime, again without breaking the share link.

Versioning History

These are just a few examples of what Jumpshare can do better. Beyond this, we can talk about many other things that Jumpshare does better. Such as the powerful file viewer that can preview over 200 file formats online and the ability to generate advanced share links that expire after a pre-selected number of days, views or downloads. It doesn’t end here, you also send files via email, leave comments, view advanced analytics, and so much more.

Jumpshare file viewer

“I’ve tried Minbox, Droplr and then I found Jumpshare. What I really like about it is its fast and easy for me to share files through email. I send a lot of building plans to contacts and often find the maximum email size is reached. With Jumpshare I no longer have any attachment sharing issues. Add to this the ability to create folders through the Jumpshare web app, all my info is now neat and tidy. Jumpshare also lets me see who has viewed which file. This is important to me mainly to allow me to time follow up calls.”

Anthony PainterAnthony Painter - Board Member, Arowana Capital

Doing more than the basics

If you’re looking for more than a basic sharing tool and want more flexibility and advanced control over your sharing - Jumpshare is the only tool that gives you that. Careful attention has been given to the user experience when designing Jumpshare. The Jumpshare app comes with every option you can possibly think of wrapped in a clean, minimal design that gets out of your way but is always there when you need it, supercharging your workflow and making you more productive.

With Droplr, you only get an option to share a basic link which can be problematic if you want the link to expire after some time for a greater amount of privacy. Droplr also doesn’t provide you with an option to share via email and keep track of when it’s viewed and downloaded by the recipients.

With Jumpshare, you choose how long your links should stay alive, when they should expire and who can access your files. You can also choose to schedule your sharing so the files are sent out at the exact day and time to ensure that it arrives on the top of your recipient’s inbox. You get full control over your sharing workflow.

File Sharing

Jumpshare helps you share bigger files than Droplr. The Droplr Pro plan only allows you to share files up to 10GB in size. The Jumpshare Plus allows you to upload files as big as 20GB in size, and the Jumpshare Business plan has no file size limit so you can upload files as big as you want.

Jumpshare can be used not only for sharing but also for receiving files. Jumpshare offers a unique feature called Inbox that allows you to receive files from anyone without having them sign up for an account.

These features cannot be found in Droplr.

The best part about Jumpshare is that everything works in real-time, that means you do not have to wait for your uploads to finish before either sharing a link or sending an email to your recipients.

Annotation in action

Staying connected on the go

Droplr has a basic iPhone app that does not allow you to access all your uploads, nor an ability to search your uploads or organize your uploads. The limited features force the user to use Droplr’s website on the desktop or laptop which is frustrating for those looking to improve their productivity and workflow.

Jumpshare’s iPhone app, in contrast, is fully featured and allows you to upload your work, view over 200 file formats on the go, organize them in folders, search, view all activity, see who shared files with you, collaborate with your team, access advanced file sharing options, and so much more. Everything you can do on the website or desktop app can be done from our iPhone app. We recognize that most people want to continue to work on the go and are not always near their work computer and our iPhone app allows them to do just that.


Teams that work together, grow together

The best kind of creative collaboration happens when everyone on your team is on the same page and are given the freedom to share, collaborate and leave feedback. That’s exactly what we set out to build in our Business plan. The Business plan offers a Team Library which is a single library for your whole team. Every team members get a personal dashboard to upload files, screenshots, screen recordings and other content which is completely private. However, with just one click, they can shift to the Team Library and collaborate on projects by contributing their own work, viewing their colleague’s work, and leaving feedback via comments. This ensures that everyone in your team remains in the loop and your projects are completed timely before sharing it with clients.

Business Dashboard

The Team Library can also be used to collaborate with long term clients. Just invite them to your team and they can collaborate with you in real time. Once the project is over, you can remove your clients from the team and their work will be preserved in the dashboard.

Viewing Experience

The Business plan also gives you user management and permissions control and other advanced options required by organizations such as team-only protected sharing, organization-wide policies, extended version history and file recovery, and more.

We hope you liked this overview. There’s so much that’s possible with Jumpshare that is not covered in this guide. Give it a try to find out all the other things you can do with Jumpshare.

“Jumpshare is a fantastic sharing facility. It’s really revolutionised how I share files and obtain feedback from clients. I’ve been using it for work projects as it saves me attaching large files to emails and it’s perfect for proofing and reviewing purposes. Having an icon in the Mac menu bar and Windows system tray makes it so easy to just drag and drop files (Jumpshare supports hundreds of file types including PDF, Photoshop and Illustrator). Jumpshare then automatically copies the unique web address to the clipboard for that specific upload which I can then paste into an email to the client. Jumpshare also incorporates annotation and screenshot capture too - take a screenshot with the keyboard shortcuts and it can automatically upload it to your Jumpshare area and copy the unique web address to your clipboard. There’s a web interface that you can sign into to organise your files too. It’s a really well thought out service. I don’t know how I lived without this!”

Colin BoyterColin Boyter - Graphic Designer, NPD Travel Retail

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