Visual file sharing and collaboration for iPhone

Quickly share you files with a tap, capture and annotate photos, bookmark websites, write notes, and more. It's visual communication on the go!

Upload anything with a tap

Tap the blue (+) button to bring up options to upload anything. Quickly upload your photos, documents, or anything else. You can also choose to capture and annotate photos.


Tap and hold to share quickly

Although simply tapping the file will open the viewer with sharing options, a far quicker way is to tap and hold over any file to bring up sharing options. You can copy link, share via email or send it directly to other apps.

Capture and annotate photos

Tap the Annotate option to annotate an existing photo or capture a new photo. You can draw with pencil, shapes, text, and more tools. You can also hide sensitive information using blur tool.


View over 200 file formats

The app has a powerful file viewer built-in that allows you to view almost any file format out there. It makes sharing easier with teams and clients.

Collaborate with your team and clients

The built-in comments in the file viewer helps you quickly communicate and discuss with all stakeholders. Threaded comments and @mentions keeps the conversation organized.


Your personal sharing and collaboration app for iOS

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