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Advanced Sharing Options

Get complete control of your sharing. Share links that expire after a certain number of days, views or downloads. Or disable downloads so recipients can only preview the

1 Terabyte Storage

Never worry about running out of space again. Fill your 1 TB (1,000 GB) account with RAW photos, large photoshop files, HD videos, office documents, and more. Your files remain in your account forever, for as long as you want.

Password Protection

Lock your confidential files and never worry about unauthorized access. Recipients will be required to enter a password before they can access them. Share files securely!


Set your files to auto self-destruct. Control how long your files will stay online to keep sharing extra secure.

Custom Branding

Use your logo to personalize sharing and promote your brand image. Instead of the Jumpshare logo, your clients will see your custom logo. You can choose where to take visitors when they click your logo.

Custom Domain

Share files using your own domain name. This allows you to turn Jumpshare into an extension of your website. It will feel like your very own sharing solution. Look smarter!

Powerful Analytics

Know how your files are performing with an actionable dashboard of top referrers,
top files, total views, and downloads. Get valuable insights into your users to grow your
business. Know which countries your visitors come from, which web browsers and
platforms they use, and what screen resolutions the files are being viewed on.

Jumpshare Inbox

Anyone can send you large files without having to sign up for an account. Share your unique Inbox link with clients and receive files directly in your account.

Schedule Sharing

Do you want to share your files but don't want to send them right away? Now schedule when you want to share your files and we will send them out at a later time.

Many more features that professionals love:

Large File Sizes

Upload as many large files as you want up to 20 GB in size. There are no other restrictions.

Higher Sharing Bandwidth

More people can download your shared files with 40x more bandwidth than the free plan.

Faster Conversions

You get the front seat. Your files will convert faster and show previews at lightning fast speed!

File Recovery

Recover accidentally deleted files from your account in seconds. All files restored have their share link and comments restored too.

Version History

Upload multiple versions of your file without breaking the share link. Review and restore previous versions of the file in seconds.

Unlimited Comments

Get feedback and collaborate with your team and clients without any limits.

Unlimited Recordings

Record screencasts for as long as you want without any limits. Also applies to audio and webcam recordings.

Save Annotated Screenshots

With one-click, save annotated screenshots to your computer and copy them to clipboard. You can also save videos and GIFs locally.

Copy Direct Links

Share direct links with your team and clients to bypass the file viewer. Direct Links can also be used to embed files anywhere.

Send to more recipients

Send files to a large group of people in one go! Enter up to 100 recipients when sharing a file or folder.

Priority Support

Having trouble? Our support heroes will make sure everything is working great for you around the clock.

Early access to new features

Be the first to see what’s new on Jumpshare! Get early access to each new feature that's added.

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Get Jumpshare Plus Just $9.99/month or $99/year