1. Introduction

Thanks for using Jumpshare! This Privacy Policy describes how Jumpshare, Inc (“Jumpshare," "we," "our" or "us") collect, use, and share information in connection with your use of our websites (including, service, and applications (collectively, the "Service").

We may collect and receive information about users of our Service ("user," "you," or "your") from various sources, including: (1) information you provide through your user account on the Service (your "Account") if you register for the Service; (2) your use of the Service; and (3) from third-party websites, service, and partners.

We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy in full to ensure you are fully informed. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Jumpshare's information collection, use, and disclosure practices, please contact us at

2. What Information We Collect

A). Information You Provide To Us

Account Information: We collect your information when you use our Service, like your name, email address, and phone number, when you sign up to our Service, upgrade your account, and set up two factor authentication. Additionally, we may collect other information after signing up if it is necessary to provide you with our Service (for example, billing information if you subscribe to a paid portion of our Service). The information we collect from you, is disclosed only in accordance with our Terms of Service and/or this Privacy Policy.

Payment Information: In order to process payments i.e. your subscription, we use a third-party payment processor Stripe. When you enter your payment information on your Account, that information is sent to Stripe. It is sent securely and we never store it on our systems. We do however have access to your subscriber information via Stripe. This information includes what plan you're subscribed to, when your plan expires, etc.

Your Stuff: Our Service is designed to make it simple for you to store your files, comments, messages, and so on (“Your Stuff”), and to make it easy to collaborate with others, and work across multiple devices. To make that possible, we store, process, and transmit Your Stuff as well as information related to it. This related information includes your profile information that makes it easier to collaborate and share Your Stuff with others, as well as things like the size of the file, the time it was uploaded, collaborators, and usage activity. Our Service provide you with different options for sharing Your Stuff. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in Your Stuff. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.

Contacts: You may choose to give us access to your contacts to make it easy for you to share and collaborate on your files, send messages, and invite others to use the Service. If you do, we’ll store those contacts on our servers for you to use.

B). Information We Collect When You Use Our Service

Usage Information: We collect information related to how you use our Service, including actions you take in your account (like sharing, editing, viewing, and moving files or folders). We use this information to improve our Service, develop new service and features, and protect Jumpshare users.

Cookies: Whenever you visit our Site, we may collect non-identifying information from you, such as your IP address, referring URL, browser, operating system, cookie information, and Internet Service Provider. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, this information alone cannot usually be used to identify you.

Device Information: We collect information from and about the devices you use to access the Service. This includes things like IP addresses, the type of browser and device you use, the web page you visited before coming to our sites, and identifiers associated with your devices.

C). Information We Receive From Third Parties

Third-Party Accounts: If you choose to link our Service to a third-party account for example Google Login, we will receive information about that account, such as your authentication token from the third-party account, to authorize linking. If you wish to limit the information available to us, you should visit the privacy settings of your third-party accounts to learn about your options.

3. Why We Collect Your Information

We may use your information to:

  • Enhance or improve User experience, our Site, or our Service.
  • Process transactions between you and Jumpshare.
  • Develop new products, services, features, and functionality.
  • Enable you to access and use the Jumpshare Service, including uploading, downloading, collaborating on and sharing Content.
  • Enable you to communicate, collaborate, and share files with users you designate.
  • Send you marketing materials about our Service. If you do not wish to receive these materials, simply click the Unsubscribe link in any email that you receive from us, or update your preferences in the Notifications section of your Settings page.
  • Respond to your comments, questions, and requests and provide customer service and support
  • Send you push notifications in order to update you about activities related to the Jumpshare Service. If you no longer wish to receive these types of communications, you may turn them off at the device level. To ensure you receive proper notifications, we collect certain information about your device such as operating system and user identification information.
  • Investigate and prevent fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access to the Jumpshare Service, and other illegal activities.
  • Perform any other function that we believe in good faith is necessary to protect the security or proper functioning of our Site or Service.

4. How We Share Your Information

Other working for Jumpshare:Throughout the course of our provision of our Service to you, we may delegate our authority to collect, access, use, and disseminate your information. For example, our web host Amazon Amazon Web Service, stores the information that you provide us, and we may hire outside contractors to perform maintenance or assist us in securing our website.

It is therefore necessary that you grant the third parties we may use in the course of our business the same rights that you afford us under this Privacy Policy when they work on behalf of Jumpshare. For this reason, you hereby agree that for every authorization which you grant to us in this Privacy Policy, you also grant to any third party that we may hire, contract, or otherwise retain the service, to the extent that the authorization is used to provide you with the Jumpshare Service.

You agree that if any of these third parties commit any civil or criminal wrongs with your information, you will hold them responsible for it and not attempt to recover any damages from Jumpshare, even if the law says that Jumpshare could be held liable as well.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you authorize us to use Google Analytics, for general web analytics purposes.

Other Jumpshare users:Our Service displays information like your name, profile picture, device, and email address to other users in places like sharing notifications. You can also share Your Stuff with other users if you choose. When you register your Jumpshare account with an email address on a domain owned by your employer or organization, we may help collaborators and administrators find you and your team by making some of your basic information like your name, team name, profile picture, and email address visible to other users on the same domain. This helps you connect with teams you can join and helps other users share files and folders with you.

Other applications:You can also give third-party providers access to your information, for example, via Google Login. Their use of your information will be governed by their privacy policies and term and not those of Jumpshare.

Jumpshare Team Admins:If you are a user of a Jumpshare team (e.g., Jumpshare Business plans), your administrator may have the ability to access and control your Jumpshare team account. Please refer to your organization’s internal policies if you have questions about this. If you are not a Jumpshare team user but interact with a Jumpshare team user (by, for example, accessing stuff shared by that user), members of that organization may be able to view the name, email address, profile picture, and IP address that was associated with your account at the time of that interaction.

Sale of Business:We reserve the right to transfer information to a third party in the event of a sale, merger or other transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of Jumpshare, or that portion of Jumpshare to which the Service relates, or in the event that we discontinue our business or file a petition or have filed against us a petition in bankruptcy, reorganization or similar proceeding, provided that the third party agrees to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Legal Purpose:At times it may become necessary, for legal purposes, to release your information in response to a request from a government agency or a private litigant. You agree that we may disclose your information to a third party where we believe, in good faith, that it is desirable to do so for the purposes of a civil action, criminal investigation, or other legal matter. In the event that we receive a subpoena affecting your privacy, we may elect to notify you to give you an opportunity to file a motion to quash the subpoena, or we may attempt to quash it ourselves, but we are not obligated to do either. We may also proactively report you, and release your information to, third parties where we believe that it is prudent to do so for legal reasons, such as our belief that you have engaged in fraudulent activities. You release us from any damages that may arise from or relate to the release of your information to a request from law enforcement agencies or private litigants.

5. Your Right To Control, Access, And Change Your Information

You have control over your personal information and how it is collected, used, and shared. For example, you have the right to:

  • Review and edit the personal information you have provided to us from the Settings page. Although most changes may occur immediately, information may still be stored in a web browser's cache. We take no responsibility for stored information in your cache, or in other devices that may store information, and disclaim all liability of such. In addition, we may, from time to time, retain residual information about you in our backup and/or database.
  • Erase Your Stuff from Jumpshare by deleting your files and closing your account. Once you have closed your account, all your files and personal information is automatically deleted from our servers.
  • Access and export your information in a machine readable format. You can download a copy of Your Stuff anytime using the Export tool provided on the Settings page.
  • Opt out of receiving newsletters and promotional emails from Jumpshare by following the opt-out instructions provided in those emails. You may also opt-out of receiving promotional emails and other promotional communications from us at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link included in those emails or visiting the Settings page. If you opt out, we may still send you non-promotional communications, such as security alerts and notices related to your access to or use of the Jumpshare Service or those about your online account or our ongoing business relations.

6. Communications

By providing information to the Site that forms the basis of communication with you, such as contact information, you waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email from Jumpshare since, by providing such information, you agree to receive communication from us covered under this Privacy Policy. However, you may unsubscribe from certain communications by simply clicking the Unsubscribe link in the email, or update your preferences in the Notifications section of your Settings page. You can also notify Jumpshare that you no longer wish to receive solicitations or information by emailing us at and we will endeavor to remove you from the database.

7. Security Measures has incorporated SSL Certificates and PCI DSS-compliant hosting into its Service for the benefit of our Users. However, we make no representations as to the security or privacy of your information. It is in our interest to keep our website secure, but we recommend that you use anti-virus software, firewalls, and other precautions to protect yourself from security threats.

8. Your California Privacy Rights

As indicated in the Terms of Service, Jumpshare has bound itself to be governed by California law. Additionally, Jumpshare permits residents of California to use its Service. Therefore, it is the intention of Jumpshare to comply with the California Business and Professions Code Section 22575-22579. If you are a California resident you may request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to any third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Various provisions throughout this Privacy Policy address requirements of the Californian privacy statutes. In summary, you must presume that we collect electronic information from all visitors. You may contact us at with any questions.

9. Children's Safety

Individuals under 16 years of age are not allowed to use our Service. If you become aware of a User who is under the required age to use all or any portion of our Service, please notify us immediately at, and provide us with full details as to why you believe they are below that age and we will address the issue. If you are a User who is reported in this manner, we may require you to provide suitable proof of age, such as a copy of government identification, in order to continue using our Site and/or Service.

10. International Transfer

If you are located outside the United States and choose to provide information to us, Jumpshare transfers the information to the United States and processes it there. We transfer this information with the help of Amazon Web Services which is necessary to provide our service. Amazon Web Services is GDPR-compliant and provides the necessary safeguards required when transferring information from the EU. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer.

11. European Notification

Jumpshare's cloud computing provider, Amazon Web Services, has self-certified itself as being in compliance with the EU-U.S and Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework. Information provided to our servers will be stored in compliance with these frameworks.

Note that this notification does not represent any concession on the part of Jumpshare that we are subject to the law of any European member state and is provided as a courtesy only.

For more information on the EU-U.S.and Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework, please visit

12. Amendments

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we amend this Privacy Policy, we will update this page and indicate the date that it was last modified. You may refuse to agree to the amendments, but if you do, you must immediately cease using our Site and our Service. You must visit this page each time you come to our website and read and agree to it if the date it was last modified is more recent than the last time you agreed to the Privacy Policy. If a revision meaningfully reduces your rights, we will notify you.

13. Contact

Have questions or concerns about Jumpshare, our Service, and privacy? Please contact us at

Thank you and happy sharing!

Last Modified: May 25, 2018