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Free GIF Recorder Screen

Jumpshare is the best tool to create GIFs in an instant on Mac & Windows. You do not need any expensive software to record simple GIFs. Just open Jumpshare, select an area you want to capture and click the Record button to record a GIF. You can record a part of your screen or fullscreen. The GIFs are automatically uploaded to your online library and a shareable link is copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared. You can also share GIFs using an email or embed them on your website.

File Sharing

Highlight GIFs

Click tracking can be enabled in your recordings to highlight clicks. This lets you show exactly where you click so viewers never have to guess. Click tracking lets you eliminate confusion and guide your customers better.

Pause & Resume GIF

The Jumpshare GIF recorder lets you pause and resume anytime. This allows you to make GIFs that are short and contain relevant content only. You can also stop the recording and start a new one to split different content into separate GIFs.

GIF Analytics

Easily track views and downloads of your GIFs. Having statistics of the different content you upload lets you see which one’s are performing well and which aren’t getting traction. You can also view which locations are engaging more with your content.

Password Protection

All GIFs uploaded to Jumpshare can be protected by a password. This makes sure that only authorized people have access to it and prevents it from getting into the wrong hands.

Share Instantly

Once you’ve recorded your GIF, it will automatically upload to the cloud and its shareable link will be copied to your clipboard. This saves you time from manually uploading everything and copying their links. You can also share via email and add a personalized note.

Annotate GIFs

Add a touch of personalization to your GIFs by drawing on them. While recording a GIF, click the Draw button, choose your color and start drawing. You can enable and disable drawings throughout the recording.

How to Record to GIF

1.Open GIF Recorder tool

Open the Jumpshare desktop app and click the Record screen in GIF option visible on the top row of Jumpshare’s window. This will open the screen recorder tool to record your meeting.

2.Select an area to record

Move the recording window to the area of interest by clicking and moving it. Then adjust the size of the window by dragging the corners.

3.Press Record

When ready, press the Record button to begin recording and once you’re done with the recording, click the Finish button. Your GIF will automatically upload to your online library and its shareable link will be copied to your clipboard.

Record GIF - It’s Free!

Benefits of Recording GIF Screen

File Sharing

Social Media Engagement

GIFs are very popular on social media due to their fast loading times. Through GIFs, you can easily create small content that your viewers can engage with. GIF recordings tend to perform much better than picture and video content and that makes them very valuable.

Quick to Record

GIFs are quick to create due to their natural simplicity. You don’t need to spend hours creating a high-quality video or image when the same can be done through a simple GIF. They can be a few seconds long and require minimal editing to publish.

Universally Supported

There are many applications and websites where video embedding is not supported. On the other hand, GIFs are universally supported and can be used almost everywhere. Uploading content in GIF format therefore allows access to a greater audience.

Use Cases of Recording GIF

Make Memes

If you have a social media page, making quality memes will do wonders for your online audience. Almost all social media platforms work well with GIFs and should be a point of focus.

Show Steps

There will be cases when you have to show steps to a process. Instead of going back and forth between questions, you can easily display the process for everyone to see. Quickly record the process and share the link so everyone can see it.

Show Comparison

GIFs are an easy way to draw comparisons of two short videos or pictures. You can lay them vertically or horizontally and show the differences without trouble.

Small Demos

If you need to showcase a small demo of an app or a specific screen, GIFs can be very useful. All you have to do is perform the actions while they’re recorded and share the GIF to the relevant people.

Make Illustrations

Instead of writing a long paragraph to explain a concept, you can make a GIF which does your work. Graphics are often a good way to catch people’s attention and that makes teaching easier.

Before & After Showcase

GIFs are an easy way to show before and after pictures of anything. They’re helpful in showing the changes that will be made to something. This way, you can easily showcase the differences in a few seconds.

Jumpshare offers a lot more than just GIF recording

Capture Screenshot & Annotate

Jumpshare’s screenshot tool lets you take high-quality images and offers a variety of editing tools. Whether you have to add shapes, lines, arrows, or even resize the image, it can do it all. You will never have to use another tool for editing your screenshots.

Online File Sharing

An extensive storage capacity lets you keep all your frequently shared files online and ready for use. Simply give the shortened URL to anyone who needs the file and they can then view and download it. You can also restrict downloads on them and set them to be viewed only.

Capture screen in MP4

The screen recorder has the ability to record in MP4 format too. With MP4, you can record screen in higher quality and add voice too. These videos can be used in various scenarios and offer a high level of editing capabilities. This format allows easy subtitling of videos.

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