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Jumpshare is a faster and more versatile alternative to, with more video features at an affordable price.

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Looking for an alternative to that offers more features at a more reasonable price? Not to worry! Jumpshare offers users the ability to both record and review videos securely with more value for money. Continue reading to find out how.

Features Jumpshare
Record videos
Record GIFs
Record with click-tracking
Record audio
Advanced analytics
Trim videos
Embed video
Video-timed comments
Guest comments
Add call-to-action button on video
Add custom video thumbnail
Receive files from others
Version history
Upload history
Upload files and folders
Advanced shareable links
Capture and annotate screenshots
200+ file type previews
Drag & drop upload
Compose notes
Advanced link expiration
Schedule sharing

“We use Jumpshare to share files with our clients - either during development or for the final delivery. We moved to Jumpshare after we got sick of competitors who were too slow, or constantly changed their product (and not in a good way). It has been fast for us and has an easy to use and well-designed interface. The interface is particularly important to us as not only does it look good to clients, but it means that our users are happy to use it (which means less calls to Technical Support). This is the best file sharing solution we have found that strikes a great balance between usability, speed, and price.”

Bruce BigelowBruce Bigelow | Creative Director, Cream Electric Art

Jumpshare has more video features is inherently a video review software that allows you to share and collaborate on videos online. It offers time-based comments, annotation, and an approval feature for shared videos. While its video-reviewing tools are exceptionally intricate, they are mostly for sharing videos to receive feedback. You cannot edit these videos, or create videos through the app itself. However, if you are looking for short-term production, their sales team can fit you with the Camera so that you can create videos.

Conversely, Jumpshare offers video recording, editing, and review features. With Jumpshare, you can record your screen in up to Ultra HD quality alongside both your webcam and your microphone. You can choose the size of your recording window, select what part of your screen you want to record, switch between available audio and webcam sources, and draw on your screen during an active recording. Furthermore, you can edit these videos in the Jumpshare web app before sharing them. You can trim your video and make it cleaner, add a customizable CTA button to direct viewer traffic to your website, and add a custom static or animated thumbnail to your videos.

Jumpshare file viewer

Jumpshare also allows users to embed videos anywhere online - websites, email, online documents, or social media pages, complete with a custom thumbnail. This is a feature does not yet provide. allows you to publish your video to Vimeo or Dropbox, however, and that may not be suitable for everyone.

Jumpshare offers faster, more secure sharing offers some advanced sharing features such as advanced link expiry and sharing controls, but they are not as intricate, nor as intuitive, as Jumpshare’s. Firstly, allows you to share videos - or projects - in two ways: for review, which can be used for feedback between teammates and allows comments, and as a presentation, which allows you to add a custom-branded watermark to your video before sharing a view-only version. This option is probably best for collaborators outside the team or clients. You can copy the link from the button, disable downloads and comments, and make the link public or private. You can also choose not to show version history before sharing it forward.

Jumpshare offers faster sharing features in a more interactive and user-friendly way. The second you upload a video, a link to it gets copied to your clipboard automatically, ready to be shared with anyone. Additionally, the Jumpshare Share box allows you to set advanced link expiration based on a set view, time, or download limit, password-protect your link, or choose between a range of public and private link sharing options.

File Sharing

You can disable downloads, or set a self-destruct timer for your files, embed your video anywhere, and add a completely customizable CTA button to your video to direct traffic. Furthermore, you can share your video via email as well, along with a personalized note for your recipients.

File Sharing

Jumpshare is easier to learn and use

One of the disadvantages of using is the time it might take to train people to use it. While it is aesthetically pleasing to use and offers clever video review features, it may take some time to learn how to utilize its full potential. The app can appear complex to users who are generally novices to review software, despite how clever their interface is. An issue that arises in this scenario is that it becomes difficult to share things with guests or new collaborators, especially in a moment where time is of the essence.

Jumpshare’s Workspace UI is deceptively simple in that regard, with three separate libraries for organizational purposes and an all-inclusive approach to review and feedback. Jumpshare can host 16 different video formats in excellent quality, ensuring that you never have to convert a video so that it is more compatible with the software.

Business Dashboard

“I’m lovin Jumpshare! Very easy to use. I compare it with other related apps and this one is faster than the other. I really recommend it!”

Daniel AdelantadoDaniel Adelantado - Support Engineer, Brightcove

Jumpshare has desktop, mobile apps, viewer analytics has a web app that encapsulates all the services it offers but does not have dedicated desktop or a mobile apps. This may make it difficult to use it on the go, which is often how most people work these days. To afford our users more portability, Jumpshare offers a mobile app for iPhone users and has desktop apps for both macOS and Windows. In addition, Jumpshare has a responsive web app that is designed for both desktop and mobile use and allows teams to collaborate remotely with ease.


Jumpshare’s powerful file viewer is capable of hosting more than 200 different formats online - including video, image, audio, code, and document formats. This ensures that your shared video or file will always be playable or viewable online, no matter whether or not your recipients have a Jumpshare account or software that supports a particular file format.

With smart analytics, designed to offer you transparency and control of your shared files, you can track your views and downloads in real-time and through simple graphs. You will always be aware of who has accessed your shared video files and from where and when.

Jumpshare is far more affordable

Time to talk prices. Both apps offer a free version with some limited features, along with three paid plans. offers users commenting and annotating in their free plan but no archival storage and 2GB of active storage. This free plan that offers two seats and two projects is targeted at freelance users. Their first paid plan - Pro - offers unlimited projects, 250GB of storage, and 500GB archive for a maximum of 10 users. This plan, when billed annually, costs $15/user/month. Their second paid plan - Team - offers a maximum of 15 seats, and includes more workflow-based features with added storage. This plan costs $25/user/month, billed annually. Both the Pro and Team plans can be tried for free for 7 days. Their final plan - Enterprise - is targeted at bigger teams and offers a custom package with a variable quote.

Jumpshare Basic, which is our free plan, offers 30-second video recording in up to 4K resolution, with 2GB storage, dedicated apps, sharing features, and a Workspace. Jumpshare Plus is targeted at individuals and small teams, and includes advanced sharing options, timestamped commenting, custom branding, unlimited video recording, 1,000GB storage, and video editing and analytics features. All of this for $9.99/user/month, billed annually. Jumpshare Business enhances and improves upon team-based sharing and workflow options, offering users 2,000GB, Workspace-wide organizational controls, version history of up to a year, and more privacy controls. And it only costs $12.50/user/month when billed annually. You can try this plan for free for 14 days. Jumpshare’s last paid plan, for Enterprise users, is designed to make workflow more secure and can be tailored to your company’s needs if you get in touch with us. All in all, Jumpshare is cheaper than, even though it offers review features and several additional features in its cheapest paid plan.

In short

If you’re looking for an app solely for video review and feedback, is the app for you, because that’s what it does best. It allows sharing and review features suited for both in-house and third-party collaborations. It has a relatively high learning curve, however, is restricted to the web, and is considerably more expensive.

Jumpshare, on the other hand, offers users a complete visual communication and collaboration platform with web, desktop, and mobile apps offering recording, editing, sharing, review, and analytics - all in one place, and at nearly half the price!

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“I’ve been using Jumpshare for the last few weeks, and I’m very satisfied. I often use screen recording to take videos of my computer while I’m running my code, and that saves so much trouble when I need debugging help because I can just refer back to the video. Great tool, really useful.”

Henry NegreteHenry Negrete - Jordan Brand Global Communication, Nike

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