Say Hello to Our Brand New Video Editor

New Video Editor
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New Video Editor

Carrying on with our renewed focus on video features, we’ve revisited our web-based video editor, rebuilding it from the ground up to be several times more powerful and easier to use.

Enjoy A More Visual Video Editor

The first thing you’ll notice is the all-new interface and user experience. Similar to conventional video editing applications, the new UI shows a preview of your video above a visualization of its audio waveform. This makes it far easier to see exactly what you’re cutting out of your videos.

Trim From the Sides and Cut From the Middle

Trim and split

Remove filler words, silences, and unneeded segments from within a video with ease. In addition to trimming videos from the sides, the new video editor lets you pick any point in a video at which to split it and cut out unnecessary portions.

You can create as many splits as you want. The video editor will automatically stitch everything together when you’re done editing.

Made a mistake? No problem! Simply hit the Undo button to roll back your last action. And if you’re unhappy with all of your edits, click Revert to Original to start all over.

Be Precise With Keyboard Controls

The new editor isn’t just easy to use, it can also be very precise when you need it to be.

Click on the scrubber or one of the handles on either side of a video or each of its splits, then use the Left and Right directional keys on your keyboard to nudge them back and forth. Ensure that you don’t cut even slightly more or less than you need to.

To learn more about how to trim your videos with the new editor, read our Help Center guide here: How to trim your videos.

Other Improvements: New Look for Timed Comments & Transcription in Search

We’ve improved how timestamped comments are displayed atop videos, with each comment now showing the commenter’s profile photo above the seek bar. Know at a glance who left a comment at a certain point in your video. Click a photo to instantly jump to the comment both within the video and in the comment section on the right.

In addition, Business and Enterprise users can now search for videos by their generated transcription. No need to remember file names. Find any video in seconds by searching for the content inside them!

Our new and improved online video editor is available to Jumpshare Plus, Business, and Enterprise users today. Give it a go and let us know what you think. As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Happy editing!