Introducing Automatic Captions and Transcription for Videos

Introducing captions for videos
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Introducing captions for videos

Video continues to stand at the core of what drives online content and communication, which is why here at Jumpshare, we’ve been hard at work improving how you make and share the same.

A couple of updates ago, we added Engagement Insights for all our premium users, and today, we’re adding another essential new feature for our Business and Enterprise customers. Now supercharge your video viewing experience with Captions and Transcription. Have subtitles automatically generated for every video you upload, jump to specific portions of a video through a timestamped transcript, and edit captions as needed.

Give your audience the option to watch shared videos with closed captions enabled, making your message easier to follow.

So How Does it Work?

Every time you upload a new video to your library, Jumpshare will automatically begin generating captions for it using AI transcription, with the amount of time it takes to do so depending on the length and content of the video. The automatic transcription intelligently removes speech errors, false starts, and filler words, even adding appropriate punctuation where it detects pauses.

Once automatic transcription is done, you will be able to do the following:

  • Watch the video with closed captions enabled.
  • View, copy, or download the entirety of the transcript and jump to specific portions of the video from the new timestamped Transcription view.
  • Make changes to individual words in each caption using the Edit Captions option.

Transcription and Edit Captions options

Being able to quickly browse through content within each video using its timestamped transcript should prove to be particularly handy for longer videos that your recipients may not be able to watch in one sitting.

Transcription and Edit Captions

Use the Edit Captions option to correct mistakes in your recording or portions of the video where the automatic transcription isn’t able to parse the speech.

Closed captions will be enabled by default for each of your videos but you may click the “CC” toggle in the video player to turn them off.

Captions and Transcription is available today for all Business and Enterprise plan subscribers. We’ve also added an improved theater mode for the video player so you can expand videos to take up more space within the file viewer. As always, we’d love to hear how the new feature is helping improve traction on your videos.

Happy sharing!