Introducing Engagement Insights for Videos

Engagement Insights
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Our analytics feature is getting a powerful upgrade for videos. In our latest update, we’ve added Engagement Insights to both the activity section in the file viewer and the Analytics page.

Now keep tabs on additional viewer interactions meant just for video files and adjust your strategy to increase both retention and lead generation.

Engagement Insights

Track Completion Rate

In addition to views and downloads, you can now monitor what percentage of a shared video has been viewed by your audience on average. Gauge how well your videos are able to retain your viewers’ attention.

Click the View engagement button at the bottom of the activity section to the right of the file viewer or select your video from the Analytics page.

How it works

Monitor Call-to-Action Clicks

View the number of clicks on the overlaid CTA button, if one has been added. Track conversion rates for your videos and adjust your marketing strategy to divert more traffic to your product page, online store, or portfolio.

Get Aggregate and Per-Viewer Insights

Analytics for Video Files

Get an overview of viewership trends for each video plotted on a graph against time (by clicking the All activity link) or select individual viewers to check their views, downloads, completion rates, and CTA clicks separately. Narrow down your research by video or viewer to better understand your audience.

Video is a fundamental part of Jumpshare’s visual communication toolset, which makes this new feature a key addition to help you better understand how your shared videos are received and tailor your content for your core demographic.

Engagement Insights is a part of our advanced analytics suite, available today to all of our premium plan (Plus, Business, and Enterprise) customers.