Introducing An Interactive Font Viewer

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Continuing with our promise of releasing more updates this week and our vision of moving all content to the cloud, today we’ve releasing the brand new Font Viewer – and it’s something special. Not only can you view fonts but you can also type your own text to see how it looks. Many a times there are font families instead of individual fonts that are being shared; for such cases we have provided the options to change the font family, family type, and font size from their respective drop downs provided in the font viewer box.

We’ve added complete flexibility, so now when sharing the fonts, recipients can test them to see if it’s the right font type before downloading them – all without having to sign up for an account. How awesome is that?

Click here to view Vegur font in your browser.

To see the list of supported font formats, go here. Our goal is to make sure everybody shares and interacts with their content online right inside their web browser. Releasing the interactive eBook reader and font viewer is a step in that direction. Slowly we’ll be updating our file viewers to allow users to interact with more of their content without having to download the files and then using clunky 3rd party apps to open them.

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