How to Share a Private YouTube Video

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In the era of visual communication, YouTube is one of the most used platforms for sharing video content with the masses. Every time you upload a video to your YouTube channel, it has the potential for reaching millions of viewers. While the possibility of going viral is exciting, sometimes you want to keep your content private.

YouTube enables you to upload and share content privately, with a select group of people. Private uploads can be shared with up to 50 people and do not appear in video recommendations or search results. For an added layer of protection, private videos can’t be shared by your recipients. Even if someone manages to find a link to your video, they will still be unable to access it unless the video has been shared with them.

Benefits of Sharing a Private YouTube Video

While most people use YouTube to get views, likes, and shares, the private uploading feature can come in handy as well. If you are someone who is looking for a way to offload video content from your computer without compromising your anonymity, sharing a private YouTube video can be the perfect middle ground.

Create Your Own Private Video Library

If you are someone who likes to keep a visual record of your life, YouTube’s private video feature offers an excellent way for you to organize all your videos in one place and keep everything safe and sorted.

Store Business Data

Private YouTube videos can be shared seamlessly within your company without being put out there for everyone to see. Whether you are looking to demo a newly released feature or are keeping track of performance reviews, private YoutTube videos allow you to handpick your audience and maintain privacy.

Save Storage Space

Uploading private videos to YouTube allows you to save space on your devices. Instead of parting with valuable memories, you can use YouTube as a private storage space for your videos.

How to Upload and Share a YouTube Private Video

Sharing a private video on YouTube means that you can maintain your privacy while maintaining seamless sharing with your intended audience. You can give access to a selected group of people, ensuring that your content remains under your control.

Here is how you can share a private YouTube video with select recipients.

1. Visit YouTube and sign in to your account.

2. Click on the upload button and select the video you want to upload.

Upload to YouTube

3. Once the video uploading process begins, go to the Visibility section and set it to Private.

Visibility Private YouTube

4. Click on the Share Privately link and enter the email addresses of the recipients of your private YouTube video.

Share YouTube video privately

5. Click Save to publish your private YouTube video.

How to Share a Private Video With Jumpshare

Just like YouTube, Jumpshare offers several security measures to ensure your privacy. You can use password protection, disable downloads, or even set a self-destruct timer for your peace of mind. You can share a private video with Jumpshare by following a few simple steps.

1. Download Jumpshare for free and run it on your Mac or Windows system.

2. Drag and drop a video onto the kangaroo icon in the System Tray or menu bar or record a new one using the built-in video recorder. A link to the video will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

3. Right-click on the uploaded video and select the Lock option from the menu to password-protect your video.

Jumpshare Lock Password Protect

4. You can now share the video with your intended recipients using the aforementioned link or via email, along with a personalized message.

Recipients will see a password entry field whenever they attempt to play the video.

Jumpshare Locked File

Jumpshare allows you to share videos with ease and gives them complete control over who gets to view, download, and share your content. Only those with a link to your videos can view them, but you can add an extra layer of security by limiting viewership to select users or by locking the video with a password as shown above. You can even group a bunch of videos together into a folder and lock the folder itself before you share it.