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Share videos privately

While ease of accessibility is one of the biggest advantages of sharing videos and other files over the internet, it can also be one of the biggest concerns. Jumpshare is a sharing platform that has something for both ends of the spectrum. Jumpshare lets users share videos with ease while allowing them complete control over who gets to view, download and access their video files.

Jumpshare gives you access to many other advanced sharing tools, including password-protecting video files, setting them to self-destruct, and viewing video analytics, among many other core Jumpshare features designed for sharing private videos securely and quickly.

File Sharing

Share videos via link or email

Jumpshare lets you share videos quickly via link or email. Upload your video through the button or drag and drop it onto the Jumpshare app to instantly upload it. The video will upload within seconds through cloud sharing, and a link is instantly copied to your clipboard for faster sharing. You can also share the video through email along with a personalized message for your recipients.

Lock videos

Upload your video to your Jumpshare library and click on the Share button. The Share box contains a message area to accompany the video if sent via email. You can use the advanced link options to lock your video file with a password, or set a limit on views and downloads. Users can set links to expire after a certain period of time or views as required.

Advanced video controls

Jumpshare users have complete control of their shared video files. You can set files to self-destruct after a scheduled time period instead of manually deleting them. Rename your video files for better organization as per your preferences.

Video analytics

Jumpshare’s Advanced Analytics feature allows users to always be completely aware of who has accessed their shared private videos. With video analytics, you will always know who has accessed your video file and from when and where. It’s a great way of ensuring that your video has been accessed by the people it was intended for and that all your collaborators and recipients are always on the same page as you.

Comment on private videos

Jumpshare allows quick collaboration through video-timed comments on shared video files. Only people you have allowed access to your video file will be able to leave comments along with time-stamps and mentions. Jumpshare allows guests to leave comments on shared video files, which means that they don’t need to go through the process of signing up in order to leave a comment on shared private videos.

Share all video formats

Jumpshare has a powerful file-viewer that has the capacity to view virtually all video formats with a pristine output quality. This ensures that your recipients are able to view your private videos online without needing to download them or have specific software in order to go through them.

How to share videos privately

Jumpshare makes sharing private videos incredibly simple and quick. Send private videos in three easy steps:

1.Upload video

Drag and drop your video onto your Jumpshare library or use the ‘Upload’ button. The video will upload within seconds regardless of size.

2.Lock video

Right-click on the video and choose the Lock option from the drop down menu to password protect your video.

3.Share video

Copy a shareable link to the video, or send the video via email along with a personalized message for your recipients.

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Benefits of sharing videos privately

Thousands of professionals in varying fields use Jumpshare to share private video files. A video often needs to go through rigorous back and forth before it gets to see the light of day, and be shared privately between collaborators. On the other hand, professionals often need to share video recordings privately with specific teammates and project managers.

Video Sharing

Wedding Videographers

Show them how it’ll look. Wedding videographers often need to send private videos to clients, since wedding videos are so personal.

Video Editors

Before the final cut. Video editors doing post-production often share raw footage privately in order to get client feedback before they make the final edits.

Reviews and Feedback

The process is important. Creative designers working on product demos and video reveals often need to go through a long iterative process that must remain private within the team of collaborators until the end.

More than a private video sharing app

Jumpshare is more than just a private video sharing app. It is an all-in-one platform for all kinds of virtual communication and sharing. With Jumpshare you can also:

Record Videos

Record high-quality videos with Jumpshare, along with click-tracking and customizable webcam settings.

Capture Screenshots

Jumpshare lets you capture and share pixel-perfect screenshots with an excellent output, and a wide choice in drawing and annotation tools.

Record Audio

Record crisp and noiseless audio with Jumpshare’s voice and audio recorder. You can choose between audio sources and playback speeds.

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