New Customizable Screen Recording and Screenshot Annotation Hotkeys

Screen Recording hotkey shown in tooltip
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The latest update to our Mac and Windows apps brings essential new offerings to improve user experience and speed up your workflow. We’ve added customizable hotkeys for screen recording and screenshot annotation as well as menu shortcuts for copying images and videos, rounding it off with support for macOS Ventura and a number of under-the-hood improvements.

Customizable Screen Recording Hotkeys

Control your screen recordings using just your keyboard. It’s not just faster and easier, it will also help make your recordings cleaner, as you won’t have to move the mouse cursor outside of the recording area or to the left to reveal recording controls when in full-screen mode. Hotkeys leave your mouse cursor free to focus on what matters.

Screen Recording hotkey shown in tooltip

We’ve added five new hotkeys just for screen recording, with the following default key combinations.

Function Windows Default Mac Default
Start/Stop Recording Alt + Shift + S Option + Shift+ S
Pause/Resume Recording Alt + Shift + P Option + Shift + P
Toggle Drawing Mode Alt + Shift + D Option + Shift + D
Restart Recording Alt + Shift + R Option + Shift + R
Cancel Recording Alt + Shift + C Option + Shift + C

All five can be customized from within the Shortcuts tab in the Preferences window. If you ever forget a hotkey, simply hover over the corresponding button in the recording controls, and you’ll see it in the tooltip.

Customizable Screenshot Annotation Hotkeys

We’ve also added hotkeys for quickly saving, copying, and uploading screenshots from the annotation window. For now, these are only customizable on the Mac version of our app (from the Shortcuts tab in Preferences), but the option will be added to the Windows app soon.

Image Annotation hotkey shown in tooltip

Here are the default combinations for the three new hotkeys.

Function Windows Default Mac Default
Save Screenshot Alt + S Command + Shift+ S
Copy Screenshot Alt + C Command + Shift + C
Upload Screenshot Alt + U Command + Shift + U

Copy Image and Copy Video Shortcuts

Now copy any video or image to your clipboard directly from the app. Simply right-click a video or image file (or hover over the file and click the three-dot icon on the right) and select the Copy Video or Copy Image option from the context menu.

You can use this to quickly add media to Notion documents, Slack messages, and the like.

And More!

The app will now remember the color you picked for the Draw tool during your last screen recording session instead of reverting to default. This should help save time if you tend to pick the same color every session to match your brand identity.

Windows users can now quickly upload any file to Jumpshare from within Windows Explorer with the Ctrl+Alt+J hotkey. This should prove to be particularly handy in situations where you have to sort through and upload multiple individual files one after the other.

Of note among this update’s other smaller additions are support for macOS Ventura, new notifications for when a file is being downloaded and when the download is completed, dimensions of the dragged area displayed in pixels beside the cursor when taking an area screenshot, and the option to turn off media caching used by the drag-and-drop functionality.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for continuing to show interest in Jumpshare. Your feedback is a core driving force in our vision for the product.

Keep it coming, and happy sharing!