Boost Your Productivity With Slack and Zapier Integrations

Slack and Zapier integration
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Slack and Zapier integration

As powerful as it is, Jumpshare is but one in a sea of apps and services used by professionals to streamline their daily workflow. To ensure it fits seamlessly into yours, and that too without much effort on your part, we must every now and then look beyond the bounds of our platform.

To that end, we’ve opened Jumpshare to a plethora of new possibilities with Slack and Zapier integrations. These two integrations offer a major potential boost to your productivity by allowing you to automate menial tasks as you continue to focus on what truly matters.

Track Activity With Slack

Jumpshare Slack Integration

Receive real-time Slack notifications of activity within your Jumpshare workspace of choice. Keep tabs on what files are being uploaded, viewed, downloaded, or sent to your Inbox and by whom. Get alerts for Jumpshare comments and mentions within your Slack feed.

You can enable one or all of these notifications for your Personal Library, Team Library, or both. It’s a simple setup as well, with it taking no more than a couple of minutes.

Jumpshare Slack notifications

We’ve also enabled link unfurling for Slack. Any media files directly shared to Slack will now be displayed within the thread or channel.

Slack integration is available to all users today.

Learn how to link Jumpshare to Slack and set up Slack notifications for your workspace.

Automate With 5000+ Apps Using Zapier

Jumpshare Zapier Integration

Link Jumpshare to over 5000 apps from around the web to automate recurring tasks in countless different ways via the magic of Zapier. Create automation workflows for everything from team communication and social media sharing to database logging, analytics monitoring, and backup creation.

To help first-time users acquaint themselves with Zapier, we’ve created a number of handy Zapier templates to showcase Zapier integration. Once you’ve linked your Jumpshare account to Zapier, you can add these pre-built Zaps to your Jumpshare account in just a few clicks.

Pre-built Zap templates for Jumpshare

You may also make your very own Zaps, linking Jumpshare to multiple apps simultaneously and having automated workflows branch out into multiple paths based on various conditions.

Zapier integration is currently only available to Business and Enterprise users.

Learn how to link Jumpshare to Zapier, add pre-built Zaps, and create your own.

Customize Push Notifications

Our latest update also comes packed with the ability to customize push notifications sent by our desktop, web, and mobile apps. Now choose which activity to receive notifications for from the Settings > Personal > Notifications section of the web dashboard. Also new to this section is the option to receive push notifications and email alerts whenever a file shared via a link is viewed or downloaded for the first time. This activity was previously only reported for files shared via email.

Customize Jumpshare push notifications

Mix and match as needed, enabling push or email notifications for certain activities while setting up alerts for others through Slack or Zapier. Never miss out on activity within your workspace ever again!

We look forward to hearing how you plan to use these new additions to streamline your workday.

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