Automate Jumpshare with Zapier

Automate visual communication and collaboration with Jumpshare’s Zapier integration. Let Jumpshare handle recurring tasks for you with little or no input from your side. Build your own automation workflows using triggers and third-party apps of your choice or pick one of the several templates we’ve created for you.

How to Use Zapier With Jumpshare

Listed below are a number of pre-built automation templates (called Zaps) covering a variety of triggers – a file being uploaded, downloaded, viewed, or sent to your Inbox – as well as a number of popular web apps and social networks.

Add any of the Zaps below to your Jumpshare account by clicking the Use this Zap button in front of each.

Team Communication

Notify a specific channel within a team chat app when a condition is met, such as whenever a file is viewed.

    Notify a Slack Channel when a Jumpshare file is viewed Jumpshare + Slack

    Use this Zap

Social Media Automation

Automatically post to a social network of your choice when a file is uploaded to your Jumpshare library.

    Post new Jumpshare videos, images, and GIFs to Twitter Jumpshare + Twitter

    Use this Zap

    Post new Jumpshare videos, images, and GIFs to Facebook Pages Jumpshare + Facebook

    Use this Zap

    Post new Jumpshare videos, images, and GIFs to LinkedIn Jumpshare + Linkedin

    Use this Zap

    Schedule new Jumpshare videos, images, and GIFs via Hootsuite Jumpshare + Hootsuite

    Use this Zap

Recipient Interaction

Pull detailed information about a recipient’s interaction with a file, such as a download, into a spreadsheet or analytics app.

    Pull new download information for a file into Google Sheets Jumpshare + Google Sheet

    Use this Zap

Database Logging

Create a Notion database entry when a file is sent to your Jumpshare Inbox.

    Create a Notion database entry when a file is sent to your Jumpshare Inbox Jumpshare + Notion

    Use this Zap

Back Up Jumpshare Uploads

Back up new Jumpshare uploads to third-party services.

    Upload new Jumpshare file to Dropbox Jumpshare + Dropbox

    Use this Zap

Back Up Third-Party Uploads

Create backups of files uploaded to third-party services within your Jumpshare library.

    Upload new Google Drive file to Jumpshare Google Drive + Jumpshare

    Use this Zap

    Upload new Dropbox file to Jumpshare Dropbox + Jumpshare

    Use this Zap

Build Your Own Zaps for Jumpshare

If you didn’t find what you need in our list of pre-built Zaps, you may head on over to our Zapier integrations page to build your own below. Create custom automated workflows without any knowledge of coding, linking Jumpshare to over 5000 apps!

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