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In this rapidly evolving digital era, video has been crowned the undisputed king of branding and marketing. Video helps you execute your vision clearly, allowing you to turn your audience into active customers. From demos to sales presentations and elevator pitches, videos are the preferred go-to channel for many marketers. The potency of video content makes marketing videos a lethal tool and an essential life skill to survive in the cutthroat world of marketing strategy. Luckily, Jumpshare makes creating stellar marketing possible for everyone, regardless of their technical background and expertise.

Jumpshare helps you create marketing videos by enabling you to record your screen and webcam in excellent quality. With useful tools like click-tracking and the annotation toolbar, you can create engaging and interactive marketing content that aligns with your brand identity. You can also edit your marketing video, trim and join seamlessly and even add custom thumbnails to take your content marketing to the next level.

File Sharing

Record marketing video

Recording a marketing video has never been simpler. You can record all or a selected portion of your screen with minimal hassle. After you are satisfied with your recording, you can click finish and your 4K Ultra HD video recording is seamlessly uploaded to your library and a shareable link is copied onto your clipboard for easy sharing.

Add webcam video

Incorporate a high-resolution webcam recording within your marketing video for a more personalized touch. You can add a product review or a user narration to give your promotional video a more credible and humanized angle. You can also customize the size and shape of the webcam window, ranging from partial to full screen based on your preferences and requirements.

Record marketing video with audio

Record video and audio simultaneously, without experiencing any syncing issues. Instead of going through the hassle of several takes, you can record your audio and video in just one go. There are multiple audio sources to choose from to suit the nature of your marketing video.

Mark your screen

The annotation toolbar has several features, all focussed on helping you draw on the screen, making your video more interesting and memorable for your audience. You can add text, insert a plethora of emojis, blur out portions of the screen, draw on your screen in different colors and do so much more to make your marketing video be more personalized and in line with your brand image.

Use click-tracking

Enable your audience to follow your train of thought by turning on click tracking. Click tracking helps emphasize individual mouse clicks, making them stay ingrained in your memory for longer. This is an especially useful feature when creating marketing videos, as it allows you to show the real-time application of your product, making your audience more compelled to buy your product.

Trim marketing video

You can trim your marketing videos seamlessly, to create a more cohesive marketing campaign. The precise and effective trimming tool helps you trim videos regardless of the video format. You can edit out the bloopers and unnecessary parts of your video and seamlessly create a comprehensive marketing video that delivers a punch without comprising the attention of your invaluable audience.

Add CTA to video

Using a call-to-action (CTA) button in your videos can help you to make use of your existing platform and redirect viewers to your website or blog. You can incorporate the CTA button directly onto your marketing video, enabling you to captivate your audience for longer, which results in higher sales. You can change the shape, color, and text for the CTA button based on the theme of your recording.

Add a thumbnail

A striking thumbnail is essential if you want to capture your audience's attention. Jumpshare enables you to take your views and engagement to the next level by allowing you to add an eye-catching thumbnail to your marketing video. You can choose between a static or a GIF thumbnail, depending on the concept behind your video.

Share marketing video

Your marketing video is available for sharing as soon as you hit the finish button. Your screen recording is uploaded to your Jumpshare library and a shareable link is automatically copied to your clipboard to make sharing quick and easy. You can also share your video via email where you can add a personalized message for your audience to go along with your marketing video.

How to Make a Marketing Video

You can create a marketing video by following these three simple steps:

1.Run Jumpshare

Download Jumpshare for free for either Mac or Windows 10 and launch it on your computer system.

2.Record Video

Click on the Record button, choose a customizable area of your screen and start rolling.

3.Finish Recording

Hit the Finish button to wind up the recording. Your marketing video is automatically uploaded to your Jumpshare library for easy access.

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Benefits of Creating Marketing Videos

Video has been synonymously branded as the most important tool of marketing strategy across several platforms. This means that creating marketing videos is an essential part of any brand's promotional strategy.

File Sharing

Product sneak peeks

You can tease new products by using Jumpshare's video recording and editing tools. The trim feature can help you create video teasers, creating anticipation and hype which is perfect for any promotional content.

Streamline collaboration

Save it all - every single thing. Create short inventory videos for work and keep them backed up online in your Jumpshare library or on your desktopMarketing is not all about content creation. The branding strategy is what really makes a marketing campaign stand out. Jumpshare helps you keep everyone in the loop, from designers and engineers to the marketing staff. You can record presentations, give updates, and gain insights on your audience, all with just one app.

Create a sales pitch

You can use Jumpshare to create an engaging and striking elevator pitch to help you market your product. The annotation and mark-up tool can help you draw attention to the selling features of your product, helping you turn your potential into a source of revenue.

More than a Video Marketing Software

Jumpshare does so much more than help you create marketing videos. Jumpshare is an elaborate visual communication platform that incorporates multiple features to make remote collaboration an interactive and seamless experience.

Take Screenshots

Take a picture of all or part of your screen in pixel perfect quality. You can also use the annotation toolbar to crop, blur, add text or even draw on your screenshot before you decide to send it.

Record Audio

Record audio without compromising on sound clarity. You can choose between different audio sources and adjust microphone settings to align the recordings with your preference.

Create Notes

You can keep track of your progress by noting down reminders or creating to-do lists. You can compose notes in a wide array of formats, ranging from plain text to code and markdown.

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