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Call to action in video

Jumpshare is the easiest way to add a customizable call to action button to any of your videos, regardless of the file format. Just go to your Jumpshare account, open the video, and click Add CTA button. You will be provided with an option to add the URL to the page you’re targeting along with custom text and colors for the button. You can also change the shape of the button to your liking. Once saved, the button will appear on the top-right corner of the video and in the middle of the video when it ends. You can also edit the CTA later and the changes will be reflected in real-time. Everyone who views your video from anywhere will be able to interact with the button.

File Sharing

CTA Button Text

Customize the text of the button to include personalization and actionable text. The size of the box will adjust to the text length automatically. Include offers in the text to increase your click rate.

CTA Button Link

Add the URL which you want viewers to visit. When they click the button, they will be taken to that page. This can be the link to your website, product page, newsletter signup, free trial, checkout page, or anything else.

CTA Button Color

The color of the button can be changed to match the theme of the page you’re linking to. Change the color with a full RGBA spectrum to find the exact color you need. You can also add the exact hex code and individual codes for RGB values, or you can select one from a full color palette.

CTA Text Color

The color of the text in the button is fully customizable. Change it to match your brand and the link you’re taking people to. Colors can be changed by using either a full color palette or by using hex and RGBA codes.

CTA Button Style

The button style can be changed between square, slightly rounded, or rounded, depending on your preference.

How to add CTA button to a video

1.Login to Jumpshare

Go to your Jumpshare account and open a video that you want to add a CTA to. If it’s not on Jumpshare, upload it first by clicking the Upload button on the top-left corner.

2.Click Add CTA

Click the Add CTA button on the top-right corner of your screen. Then adjust the button text, add the URL, customize the colors, and choose a shape for the button. When you save the changes, the CTA button will appear on the top-right of the video and appear at the center of the video when it ends.

3.Share instantly

Once the CTA is added, it will automatically appear on every place you have shared or embedded your video. You won’t need to reshare the links.

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Benefits of adding CTA buttons

Benefits of Hosting Videos Online

Buttons work better

Buttons have a psychological appeal to humans. Wherever we see one, there’s a natural curiosity to press it and find out what it does. So when you want someone to take action, the best way is to give them a button to act with instead of a link.

Guide customers

Call to action buttons are very helpful in getting the viewers attention. They encourage the user to take action immediately and the button gives them the chance to do so. Without it, they might not bother searching for the exact link themselves and bounce from the page.

Personalize messages

Your CTA buttons don’t have to be generic texts saying click here. With a well designed CTA button, you can tell your users exactly what they can expect and encourage potential buyers to click it.

Use cases of creating CTA button

Drive traffic to your website

To make people learn about your business, the best way is to take them to your website. When you add a CTA button to a promotional video, viewers will be encouraged to learn more. Once they reach your website, they can see all your pages and everything you have to offer.

Get new signups

One of the best ways to get people to sign up for something is with a CTA button. It prompts action and takes people to the exact place where they can sign up. Once people reach the sign up form, it will be much easier to get higher form completion rates.

Start a free trial

If you’re promoting a product, it will be very easy to get customers onboard if you offer them a free trial. Their entire focus will be on the video and if they’re prompted to signup for a free trial with an actionable button, there’s a high chance they will click.

Promote an event

You can use a CTA button at the end of a promotional video to guide users to an event page. From there they can see all the details like timings, venue, and rules. You could also take them directly to the ticket sales page.

Sell a product

When you create a video to advertise a product, you want your viewers to think how they can purchase it. When you add a CTA directly to the product page, you can easily get them to buy it.

More information

When showcasing a cause, you might want your viewers to learn more about the whole scenario. With a short video highlighting the whole issue, you can add a CTA which opens a page where all the information is available.

Jumpshare is a powerhouse

Screen recording

We have an amazing screen recorder that lets you make videos in an instant. You can annotate them as well.

File sharing

Jumpshare provides extensive file sharing capabilities with a unique level of personalization. You can share files with expirable links and self-destruct videos too.

Video hosting

Our online library allows you to host videos online and share them with the world. Brand your page to your liking and connect with your audience.

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