We’re Now Embedding Content From These 10 Websites

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As part of our vision to turn Jumpshare into a platform for sharing everything, we’ve added the ability to embed content from third party sites when you use the upload link feature. When you upload a URL, we will automatically embed the content in the viewer, ready to be shared. At present, we’re supporting 10 content providers you use almost everyday; YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Slideshare, Scribd, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, SpeakerDeck, and Kickstarter.

The advantage of sharing content using Jumpshare is that you can add your own logo, analyze detailed statistics about your audience, set the content link to expire after a certain number of views, and more.

Youtube Jumpshare embedding

The feature comes into play whenever you use the ‘Upload Link’ option from the Upload drop-down button. Likewise, upload a link from one of these ten services using the Windows or Mac desktop app, and the content will be embedded automatically when upload is complete.

This new update makes the Upload Link feature smarter and gives users a better way to share content from the leading content hosting sites. We’re looking forward to our users trying it and hearing how they like it. Let us know which content providers you would like to see support for in the future.