View The Best Vector Graphics And Photoshop Output Online

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In a series of updates over the past days we’ve added support for markup (which was a long time coming), improved our file conversion speed, improved document output and started showing document previews in thumbs (for better navigation). Today we’re pushing an improvement to the output of both photoshop and vector images, making our output the best in industry. The improvements were made to the following formats; PSD, AI, and EPS. Below you can see the before and after comparison.

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We also compared the output on various file sharing services by uploading a sample PSD to find out which one generates the best output (both in quality and colors).

File sharing PSD file output comparision

You will notice that big players in the industry fail to generate correct colors in their output. When designers want to share their files, they want to ensure the colors come out looking the same on both sides. With this update, designers have yet another reason to share their work using Jumpshare.

Happy sharing!