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At Jumpshare, we want to make file sharing easy for people from all walks of life. So today we are announcing the support of AutoCAD output. This output is now available to both Plus and Free users.

AutoCAD is used by engineers, architects, city planners, 3D model designers, interior designers, and many others. You can now share your AutoCAD files with colleagues and friends to show them what you’ve made and gather quick feedback. As always, recipients do not have to sign up for a Jumpshare account to view or download the files. There’s absolutely no learning curve. We take care of everything!

Jumpshare AutoCAD Output

Our AutoCAD output comes in 3 background colors; blue, black, and white. By default, the blue background is shown but this can be changed from within the file viewer.

AutoCAD Output Jumpshare

The grid (lines) are shown by default but users have the option to switch it off from the top bar. You can navigate around by holding the left mouse button and then moving your mouse. You can zoom in/out using the mouse scroll wheel or with the buttons provided in the top bar.

Both dwg and dxf formats are supported. You can see an example output here.

Now you have one more reason to use Jumpshare to organize and share your files.

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