Upload Your Files Faster With Multithreaded Uploads

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With the release of Jumpshare Plus last week, we announced a whole list of new and exciting features for Plus users and we’ve received a lot of great feedback. One really sublime feature that we rolled out for all users (both Free and Plus users), is a new upload mechanism which supports multi-threaded uploads.

With multithreaded uploads, your files are broken down into multiple smaller chunks and then uploaded to our servers. Four simultaneous connections are built, which means 4x faster upload speed compared to before.

We put it to test by uploading a 100MB ZIP file using a 6Mbps upstream connection. You can see the time it took to upload on different file sharing services.

Upload time of different file sharing services

Next we uploaded a 100MB video file using the same 6 Mbps upstream connection.

Multithreading upload of Jumpshare

Of course, multi-threaded uploads isn’t all that you get with this new upload mechanism. If your internet connection drops while you’re uploading files, Jumpshare will pause uploading and will then automatically resume it once the connection is restored. You don’t have to start from scratch if your internet connection is unstable.

Try it out to see for yourself!

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