Upload New File Versions With Ease & Reposition CTA on Videos

Upload New Version
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This week, we’re introducing a much-needed upgrade to Version History in addition to quality-of-life improvements to our CTA (call-to-action) feature for videos in an effort to refine file management and engagement respectively.

Version History Update

Now upload new versions of the same file directly from its context menu. Right-click a file in your library or open it and click the More (three-dot) button, then select Version History > Upload New Version.

Upload New Version

Any time you wish to restore an older version of the same file, you can do so from Version History > View Version History.

Previously, you could only update a file by uploading another of the same name. With this new way to swap versions, the updated file doesn’t need to have the same name as the original – only the same format. Both the content and name of the original file will be replaced by the new one without breaking its sharing link or wiping its comment history.

CTA Improvements

Call-to-action buttons can now be repositioned to any of the four corners of a video. We’ve added a new Button location dropdown to the CTA panel that lets you choose between four locations for the button: Top-right, Top-left, Bottom-left, and Bottom-right.

You may now also choose to only show the CTA button when the video finishes playing, in which case, it is automatically displayed at the center of the video.

Both changes are live right now, and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Happy sharing!