Summer Update: Instant Search, Pause/Resume Recording, Infinite Scrolling & More

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Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on many new features and improvements to the Jumpshare apps. Today we’re thrilled to introduce them to you all. We’re calling it the Summer Update. This update will make working and sharing even better for you on the MacOS, Windows, and Web apps.

Instant Search

The first thing you will notice when you update your app is that a search bar has been added to the Jumpshare window, allowing you to quickly search your files, and re-share them with your team and clients.

When you search for your files, you will notice that it’s almost instant. That’s because we’ve rewritten the search engine to make it 20x faster than before. Now you can immediately find what you’re looking for without waiting for long loading times.

Pause/Resume Recording

With thousands of screen recordings recorded by our users every day, the ability to pause/resume recording has been one of the topmost requested features. We’re delighted to introduce pause/resume recording in this update, allowing you to record better and more professional videos and GIFs.

We’ve completely rebuilt the screen recording to improve quality, reduce file size, resolve audio sync issue, and support pause/resume recording in the Mac app. In both the Mac and Windows app, we’ve used smart technology to ensure that your recordings (where you’ve paused and resumed multiple times) are processed and uploaded instantly. This is unlike other apps where you have to wait a few minutes for the recording to process before they’re uploaded.

Infinite Scrolling

Previously, you could only view 20 most recent uploads in the desktop app. To view earlier uploads, you had to visit the web dashboard. This changes today. Now you can scroll down to view all your uploads, thanks to smart infinite scrolling.

Both search and infinite scrolling will help you work faster without interrupting your workflow on the desktop.

Cancel Upload With A Click

Many of our users did not know that upload can be canceled by right-clicking it and choosing the “Cancel Upload” option. They waited for the upload to finish before deleting it. We’ve now made it easier to cancel uploads. When you hover your mouse over an uploading file, we will show you an option to Cancel an upload with just one click.

Bigger Menu Bar/System Tray Icon

We’ve refined our menu bar and system tray icon in Mac and Windows respectively to make them more visible and easier to access. You will notice the icons are now slightly bigger and feel whole. In Windows, we’ve added a shortcut in both the desktop and the start menu to make it even easier to launch Jumpshare.

Better Screenshots In High DPI Displays

On Windows, capturing screenshots on High DPI laptops and monitors resulted in some screenshots not appearing in the proper size and blurry. We’ve fixed that in this update. Now all screenshots are captured in their pixel-perfect size.

Faster Login with Google

Jumpshare now only requires basic account information if you use Google to sign up or sign in to the app. Jumpshare can also automatically detect if you’re logged into a Google account in your browser. If you are, all you have to do is, select the account and you will be logged into Jumpshare securely. The whole process is now easy and straightforward.

Invite Team Members via Link

If you’re on the Business plan and want to invite team members to your team, the only way to do that from the app was via email. Now we’ve added an additional option to invite via a simple link. All you have to do is share an invite link with your team on Slack or anywhere else and they can join your team instantly.

New Updater for Windows

Our Mac users know how easily they can update their app to the latest version with just a few clicks. However, in Windows, it was more challenging and some users complained about failing to update successfully. This resulted in some users having to download the latest version of the app from our website each time there was an update.

Now we’re bringing the same easy updater that our users love in Mac, to Windows. Going forward, whenever we release a new version of Jumpshare for Windows, you will be able to update to the latest version with just a few clicks with a 100% success rate.

Better Network Connection Management

We’ve drastically improved network connection management to ensure that Jumpshare does not fail when your internet goes down and comes back again. Those who have an unreliable internet connection and slower speeds will find our app to be more reliable.

Our Website Has A Refreshed Look

Most of our users are creative professionals who care about how their work looks when sharing with clients. They use Jumpshare because of the ease of use combined with visually rich folders and file viewer are a great way to share their creative work. We’ve changed the font of our website to make everything look more readable and beautiful. Now whenever you share your files, the visually rich folders and file viewer will look even better to your recipients.

So Much More

These are just some of the features and improvements that will be noticeable. We’ve patched hundreds of bugs and made many more improvements to make this update the best and most stable so far. We hope you like this update. If you would like to leave us feedback or suggest features, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from our users. Happy sharing!