Share Your Favorite Links, Track Their Performance, And Upload Files via Direct URLs

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We all share links on a regular basis, just like we share files. Sometimes we want to showcase our work, share our favorite videos, or just share the latest news with friends. We’re happy to announce that, starting today, you can share your favorite links using Jumpshare just as easily as you can share your files. Now both file and link management can be done from one place; Jumpshare.

Here are some benefits of using Jumpshare to organize and share your links:

  • You can curate your links around a theme (a nice way to organize your bookmarks), for e.g., saving links for your perfect vacation, recipes for your favorite dishes, and more.
  • You can know how your links are performing by checking how many views it got. If you’re a Plus user, you can track even more data using Analytics, such as, which countries visitors came from, their browsers and operating systems, and their screen resolutions.
  • Since preview of the link is shown in the file viewer, you can mix your links with other content while giving a presentation and open your links in style during your pitch or a conference.

How it works:

You can share links from both the desktop apps and the web interface. To share a link from the web interface, click the drop down arrow next to the Upload button and select “Upload Link”.

Upload Link

In the pop-up box, paste the link that you want to upload and it will appear in your account instantly, ready to be shared!

Share Link

Click the link to open it in the viewer. You will see a screenshot of the page whose link you uploaded. Clicking on the “View Original” button or anywhere on the screenshot will take users to the destination in a new tab.

Link Preview Online

Apart from uploading links, you can also use this option to upload files via a direct URL. Just paste a direct URL to a file and we will automatically fetch it from the server and upload it to your account in seconds. So the next time you come across any file on the internet, instead of downloading it to your computer and then uploading it to Jumpshare, just use the link uploading option to directly upload the file to your Jumpshare account.

Upload files via direct URL

Link sharing works on both Windows and Mac apps right out of the box. Just copy a URL to your clipboard and use “Upload via Clipboard” option (Control+Alt+U hotkey, can be customized) to quickly upload a link, ready to be shared.

Share links from desktop - mac and windows

What makes link sharing on Jumpshare better is that you can get all the options that are available when you share files. For example, you can send a link via email, with an option to expire after a certain number of views or days, set a link to self-destruct automatically (which will remove it from your account), or lock it with a password before sharing (useful when sharing private work that’s not ready for public). Better yet, you can track performance of your links and get insights into your visitors using Analytics.

Visit Jumpshare to start sharing your links