Rolling Out iOS Optimized File Viewer And Other Improvements

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We’ve been busy for the past few weeks fixing numerous bugs and improving our core functionality while also developing exciting new features (more about that in future blog posts). So what were we up to? Here’s the list of changes you will notice in Jumpshare.

Note: We have only listed the most visible changes/improvements in Jumpshare below, we fixed hundreds of backend issues, improved our service etc., which will (obviously) not be noticeable to our users.

iOS Optimized File Viewer

File Viewer Web, iPhone, iPad

As we continue to optimize our service for smartphones and tablets, we want to make sure that the file viewing experience remains top class. If you viewed shared photos on your iPhone or iPad, there was one major issue; you could not swipe left or right to explore more photos. Today, that is no longer an issue. Reading a document? You can now scroll up and down just like native PDF viewer in iOS.

Please note that the photos swipe feature works flawlessly on iOS and some Android devices. It does not work on Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface. We are working to make it compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Sharing Files

Share files Jumpshare

As most of you are already aware, you can share files with up to 20 recipients at a time. To make it easier, now you can copy & paste multiple email addresses separated by commas and they will be turned into proper formatted input in the “To” field. Also instead of increasing the height of “To” field to multiple lines, we have fixed it to three, so you will now see a scroll bar appearing when you share files with a large number of recipients.

No Preview Available

No Preview Available Jumpshare

We’re doing our best to ensure that over 200 file formats can be viewed online instantly across all devices. However, sometimes, on rare occasions, some files fail to convert. This can be due to numerous reasons; large file sizes, unsupported file formats, and under-optimization at our end. As always, we are constantly improving our file viewer to ensure all types of files, irrespective of their format and/or size, can be viewed online. To better inform our users, starting today, you will be seeing a “No Preview Available” message right inside the file viewer when a file fails to convert due to above mentioned reasons.

CSV Spreadsheet Output

View CSV Online Jumpshare

When we introduced support for Spreadsheets, one of the problems our users constantly faced was that large CSV files were failing to convert. We have fixed this issue and made it even more reliable; so much so that now, you can preview large CSV files within seconds. The conversion of CSV is faster than Excel (XLS/XLSX).

Internet Explorer

While we like Internet Explorer 10, we dread older versions of the browser. However, we have no choice but to work on them because they still command a good chunk of browser market share. We spent a week on numerous fixes for both Internet Explorer 8 and 9. If you could not perform a certain task or could not preview files in the past, you will no longer face such issues starting today.

Code & Text Encoding

We improved the encoding of both code and text files. It’s even more reliable than before.

Smarter Buttons

Import box Jumpshare

Downloading, Copying, Moving, Merging, Importing and Deleting files are some common actions our users perform every day. Previously, when they clicked any of the respective buttons, there was no way to inform them that the action had been performed, which resulted in some users pressing the buttons multiple times, triggering multiple actions. For example, in the case of Importing files, if you clicked the “Import” button two times, it imported the file twice. This is no longer an issue now since we show users that the action has been performed and prevent them from repeating it.

These are some of the visible changes you will see in Jumpshare this week. Happy sharing!