Preview Documents In Thumbnails And Enjoy Improved Output

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At Jumpshare, we pride ourselves on being able to preview the most file formats online but it isn’t enough to just open and display contents of a file. The quality of the file viewer is important and it’s a challenge for us particularly when it comes to previewing proprietary file formats like PDF, DOC / DOCX (MS Word) and PPT / PPTX (MS Powerpoint). Today, we’re proud to  announce fresh improvement made to our conversion engine which will allow users to view files in better quality.

Check out document output comparison below. The improvements are most noticeable for fonts, formatting, and image quality within documents.

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Apart from better output, you will now see previews of documents and presentations (PDF, MS Office and Open Office) on a file’s thumbnail making it easier to browse.
document presentation preview thumbs

We automatically reconvert your older docs when you open them again. Improving output is a gradual process and we hope to improve it further in the coming months. Our powerful conversion engine will soon be made available to developers who want to integrate the file viewer on their websites, mobile apps, or anywhere else.

We’ve made plenty of changes under the hood. If you come across a bad output, send it over to and we’ll have a look. Did you see improvement of your document output? Let us know in the comments!