Now Get Direct Link To Images

Now Get Direct Link To Images
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Starting today, you can link directly to an image file without going through the file viewer. Simply add + at the end of the share URL of any image and you’ll get the direct link to it. Direct links have benefits when embedding images in a forum, blog post or a presentation.

The Plus character (+) has to be added at the end of the image’s share URL, adding it at the end of the folder/album URL will not work. If you are using the URL shortener you can add + at the end of the short URL and it will link directly to the image. Click the links below to see it in action!

This feature is available for both Free and Plus users. Direct linking also works if you’re using a custom domain name.

You can get a direct link to any image file that we currently support which includes JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, AI, SVG, RAW images, among many others.