Mark Your Important Collections As Favorite So They’re Easier To Access

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When you have too many collections, some of your more important ones tend to get lost in the stream. In order to help you quickly access your important collections, we’re launching “Favorities”. Open any collection and click the Star icon next to the collection name in the header. Once you’ve marked a collection as favorite, just head back to the My Uploads dashboard and click the “Favorites” tab to view that collection. We hope this little feature will help you become more productive.

Starring Collection

You can click the Favorites tab to view the collections you’ve favorited and not worry about losing them in all the other collections. With “Favorites” you no longer have to be afraid of losing important collections in your stream.

Favorites in dashboard

For existing users who have desktop apps installed and for Jumpshare Plus users who use the Inbox feature, by default, we’re marking both “Desktop Uploads” and “Inbox” collections as favorite. This will help you quickly access them from the Favorites tab.

Smarter Thumbnails

We continue to make changes behind the scenes to improve your file sharing experience. Starting today, you will see previews of spreadsheet, code, note, markdown, eBook, font, and CAD file in the thumbnails. You could already preview these files in our file viewer, but getting a glimpse of the content by looking at the thumbnails will help you navigate better.

Happy sharing!

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