Locked a Folder? Now You Can Change Password or Reveal Existing Password

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Change Password - Locked Folder

We’ve added a small yet useful option for Jumpshare Plus users. If you’ve locked a folder, you can now change the password without having to unlock and lock the folder again.

The few seconds between unlocking and locking the folder meant that the user’s files were left unsecured, this will no longer be the case from now onwards. If you’ve shared a locked folder with a client and forgotten the password, you can use the Change Password feature to reveal the existing password.

Here’s how it works.

Right-click any locked folder and then click “Unlock” from the menu. In the pop-up that will appear, you will see a “Change Password” button. Click this button and you will see the previous password highlighted in the text field. You can either copy this password or type a new password.

It’s that simple. Happy Sharing!