Jumpshare Now Supports Video Buffering And More

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It’s been a busy few weeks at Jumpshare. We’ve added a slew of new stuff, improved performance and fixed many bugs. You will now find that Jumpshare is faster and more responsive. Below we’ve listed some of the most visible changes, followed by smaller changes.

Video and Audio Buffering

Jumpshare video buffering

Starting today, you will see buffering in both videos and audio files. Buffering helps inform users how much of the content has loaded, it’s a great way to navigate to any part of the audio or video clip and helps those who are on slower internet connection get a better streaming experience. Buffering is only supported in browsers which are fully HTML 5 compatible. These are Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10. Unfortunately, since Firefox uses Flash for videos, buffering is not yet supported on this browser, but we’re working on a solution for this.

New Activity Icon

New Activity Icon Jumpshare

One of the first things you will notice on logging in is the brand new activity icon. This icon is part of a bigger plan. Hint: Desktop app. Stay tuned!

10x Faster Image and Document Viewer

Opening and closing the content viewer just got faster. Not only that, you can now navigate between images and load documents 10x faster, thanks to the special compression technique and minimizing HTML and CSS that reduces the load time.

Updated Panel UI

Updated Panel UI

We’ve made small changes to the design of Panel UI to simplify it further and make it visually appealing. This change includes adding a small border around the images to make them stand out and simplifying the Cog Wheel icon.

Converting & Loading…

All content uploaded to Jumpshare is first converted and then optimized for online viewing. To make it easier for users to know which of their files are converting and which are loading, we’ve added two new messages inside the file viewer; Converting and Loading.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Deployed CDN
  • Utilized Browser Caching
  • Clicking “View All” in Activity pop-down box will take users to General Activity page
  • Fixed Facebook Sharing
  • Fixed Scroll bar in document viewer
  • Rename folder by clicking on its name when inside that folder
  • All action buttons are now on the right side in all pop up boxes
  • Users will see new photos/videos in the navigation strip of the viewer as they upload
  • Play/Pause videos by clicking anywhere inside the video frame

Apart from the above changes, you will notice more stability thanks to the countless bugs that we have fixed. We love to hear feedback from our users, so if there is anything, feel free to shoot us an email. Go ahead and take it for a spin. Visit Jumpshare!