Jumpshare Inbox: Receive Files From Anyone Instantly

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As part of our workflow, sometimes we want to receive files from our customers, clients, contractors, etc quickly without asking them to sign up for an account to our preferred file sharing service. Where our goal at Jumpshare is to make file sharing as easy as possible for our users, receiving files from others is also something we want to simplify. After many months of brainstorming and development, we’re happy to introduce Jumpshare Inbox, a permanent solution to this very problem. Once set up, you’re given a unique personalized link which you can share with anyone to receive files instantly in your Inbox. It’s as easy as the name suggests.

How it works:

Visit the Settings page and you will find a new section called “Inbox”. Take your time to set it up by giving your Inbox a unique name, which will become the vanity URL.

set up inbox

Once done, you will be given a unique personalized URL based on the name you choose for your Inbox.

Inbox name

Now just share this link with anyone to instantly receive files in your Inbox. We’ve made the Inbox link such that it’s easy to memorize. The recipient has to write his/her name and email, add files and just hit Send. It’s that easy! The recipient also has the option to write a subject or a message, both of which are optional.

Jumpshare Inbox

There is no limit to the number of files you can receive, nor is there any file size limit.

Jumpshare Inbox Uploading

All received files go in your Inbox. To access the files, go to the “Shared” tab and you will find them listed on the “Shared with me” page. You can view files, download them, or save them to your account for permanent safekeeping.

Inbox is going to be a lifesaver for those whose work depends on receiving files from their customers on a daily basis. Let us know what you think about this feature. Jumpshare Inbox is available to all Plus users. Happy Receiving!

Set up your Inbox