Jumpshare for Windows v2.0.10 released. Update your app!

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After two months of development, today we’re releasing v2.0.10 of Jumpshare for Windows app which brings many improvements, new features, and bug fixes. This version is the most stable version of our app and contains a brand new updater built-in.

Previously, whenever a new version of our app was released, we automatically updated your app to the latest version. However, we noticed that a lot of users were reporting failed updates which resulted in their apps crashing. So we went back to the drawing board and built our updater from the ground up. This version contains a brand new updater that is both stable and robust.

Because this release contains a new updater, you will have to uninstall your current Jumpshare app and download v2.0.10 from our website. We apologize for this one-time inconvenience. Future updates will be delivered automatically to your desktop so you won’t have to download them manually.

Download Jumpshare

What’s new in v2.0.10?

  • Ability to save screenshots to desktop after annotation (Plus feature)
  • Now you can use Jumpshare during screen recording in fullscreen mode
  • App updates in real time on upgrading to Jumpshare Plus
  • Brand new built-in App Updater
  • Enable or disable notifications from Preferences
  • Jumpshare hotkey support for Adobe Illustrator
  • Improved behavior of Audio Recording tool when no microphone is found
  • Improved behavior of annotation tool when annotating existing image
  • Added option to visit web dashboard in cog wheel dropdown menu
  • Added email address of logged in user in cog wheel drop down menu
  • Allow Screencast and audio tool to work without microphone
  • Allow screenshot capture when user is offline, the upload will start when you connect to the internet
  • Optimize screenshot capture tool for pixel perfect output
  • Fixed links sometimes not opening on default browser
  • Fixed app failing to capture whole screen when taking a screenshot
  • Fixed screencast not working in 32-bit OS
  • Fixed blur not working
  • Fixed the fullscreen screencast recording problem that prevented you from stopping the screencast
  • Fixed app not starting from the tray with one click after a system reboot in macOS
  • Various bug fixes, performance improvements, and user interface tweaks.

We hope you like this update. If you want to report any bugs or have a feature request, let us know in the comments. Happy sharing! 🙂