Introducing The World’s First Real Time File Sharing App for iPhone

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Title ImageToday, we’re delighted to introduce Jumpshare for iPhone – the world’s first real time file sharing app. You can immediately share your files with a link, or via email without waiting for uploads to finish. It also comes with a powerful file viewer, advanced sharing options, and useful tracking features which help you work smarter and be more productive on the go.

Sharing a file with Jumpshare is at least 3x faster. This is an incredible improvement over existing file sharing apps which require you to wait until files are uploaded before you can generate a shareable link.

Share Files In Real Time

Share Files in Real Time

Jumpshare is designed for instant sharing. You just open the app, select files to upload, and share them right away. There’s never any waiting involved! The real-time nature of Jumpshare makes file sharing a near-invisible component of your daily workflow, helping you remain focused on your work.

Your recipients enjoy the same seamless experience. Uploading progress from your end is shown in real-time, and files are loaded the moment they’re ready – no page refreshes required.

What’s more: after sharing files, you can smartly time your follow-ups with recipients because Jumpshare sends push notifications when they view or download your files.

View 200+ File Formats

View 200+ File FormatsFile sharing works particularly well when everyone can easily open and view files. So, delivering a powerful file viewer which goes beyond the basics was one of our biggest tasks as we developed the app, and we are proud what we have achieved!

Jumpshare can open over 200 file formats – a number unheard of in the mobile space. Everything you work with on a daily basis can be previewed flawlessly. From documents, photos and videos to code, fonts, Markdown, and Photoshop/vector files. Whether you’re using the iPhone app, or viewing shared files on mobile, or desktop, the days of installing separate apps for different file formats are over!

Bookmark Anything

Bookmark AnythingStumbled upon a funny video, or an important article? Save it for later with the Bookmark option. You can also use our link shortener to share and track how many times your link has been viewed.

What’s more: you can directly upload files you find online to your Jumpshare account. Just bookmark the file’s URL, and our servers will fetch and upload the file for you!

Advanced Sharing Options

Advanced Sharing OptionsWhen a simple link or email doesn’t cut it, you can rely on Jumpshare’s more advanced sharing options:

  • Share temporary links based on time, or number of views and downloads
  • Set files to self destruct automatically after a certain time
  • Disable downloads so recipients can only view – not save – your files
  • Lock files with a password to protect them from unauthorized access
  • And a lot more when you upgrade to Jumpshare Plus: 1TB of storage, custom branding, domain, Analytics, Inbox, and scheduled sharing

Jumpshare is the world’s first real-time file sharing app for mobile, and the last mobile file sharing app you will ever need. We’re incredibly excited about launching it today, and simply cannot wait to show you what we have in store!