Introducing The Brand New Jumpshare For Windows

Introducing The Brand New Jumpshare For Windows
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brand-new-jumpshare-for-windowsWindows makes up 80% of our user base, so today we’re excited to launch the next version of Jumpshare for Windows (version 2.0) – an incredibly fast, real time file sharing app. We designed Jumpshare to be an indispensable tool in your daily workflow, allowing you to share anything quickly from the desktop. It is the ultimate file sharing app!

Instant File Sharing

instant-file-sharingDrag & drop your files and folders to the Jumpshare system tray icon and instantly get a link copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared. If you’re looking for a more personal way to share files, you can send it directly via email from within the app.

Capture Screenshots & Annotate

capture-screenshots-annotateCapturing a screenshot and annotating over it is an effective way to help users, report bugs, and highlight important issues to team and clients. Jumpshare’s built-in image annotation tool now allows you to draw, add shapes, and write text on images and screenshots before sharing.

Record Screencasts

record-screencastsSometimes screenshots are not enough. You can now record screencasts to guide users and explain your point of view, complete with audio recording and click-tracking. Screencasts can be recorded either in video format or GIF. You can choose to record a portion of the screen or the entire screen.

Compose Text, Code and Markdown

compose-text-code-and-markdownWhether it’s visuals or text – we’ve got you covered! You can instantly share plain text, Markdown, or code using the built-in text editor with syntax highlighting. Our powerful file viewer supports over three dozen programming languages, so your developer friends will appreciate it when you share snippets of code using Jumpshare.

Bookmark Anything

bookmark-anythingBookmark important websites, articles or funny cat videos you find online to view them later or to share them with friends and colleagues. The Bookmark tool also helps you upload files from 3rd party websites to your Jumpshare via a direct URL.

Share From Your Favorite Apps

jumpshare-heart-photoshop-chrome-firefoxThe Jumpshare hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+J) is a magic keyboard shortcut that allows you to quickly share your work from your favorite apps. We support three apps for now: Photoshop, Chrome and Firefox. Just hit the Jumpshare hotkey in Photoshop to upload your work and share with clients to get feedback. Using the hotkey in Chrome and Firefox will Bookmark the URL and give you a shareable link.

And More…

This is just the beginning of what Jumpshare can do. Record voice clips, check how many people have viewed your files, mark important files as favorites, share temporary links, get instant notifications when your files are viewed or downloaded, and do so much more – Jumpshare is the ultimate file sharing app!

So what are you waiting for? Download it now for free!

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