Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for Enterprises

Jumpshare SSO Launch
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Jumpshare SSO Launch

Today, we’re excited to launch an essential feature for users on our Enterprise plan – single sign-on (SSO). Companies looking to consolidate and streamline authentication across all of their daily-use apps can finally add Jumpshare to their SSO umbrella.

What Is SSO and Why Is It Important?

Single sign-on is an authentication process that allows users to log into several different apps and services at once using one set of credentials. Being able to use a single username and password for all applications used by your team has numerous benefits. Apart from eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords, it improves productivity by reducing the amount of time team members have to spend logging in and out of multiple apps on a daily basis.

It also simplifies the administration of user privileges, reduces IT costs, and solidifies security. With user credentials stored and managed in one place, admins can onboard new hires and edit access privileges in seconds. Users have fewer passwords to forget, which means less time spent by IT support staff handling password reset requests. The risk of phishing attacks is lowered significantly as well, with users no longer required to authenticate at multiple third-party sites on a daily basis.

The aforementioned only scratches the surface, of course. It should come as no surprise that SSO is one of the most oft-requested enterprise features.

So How Does It Work?

We’ve partnered with WorkOS to offer 20+ SSO identity providers, including Okta, Google SAML, Microsoft Azure SAML, OneLogin, and Auth0. Once SSO is set up for your Jumpshare Enterprise workspace, access to the app can be managed at the chosen provider.

At launch, you may enable SSO against a single company domain name, but we’re already hard at work adding support for multiple domains!

Learn how to activate SSO for your Jumpshare workspace.

SSO is the latest product of our commitment to offering best-in-class enterprise solutions to our customers. We thank our Enterprise customers for choosing us and pledge to take your user experience to greater heights in the weeks and months to follow. 🚀

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