Introducing Jumpshare v3 – Say Hello To The World’s Fastest Visual Communication App!

Introducing Jumpshare v3 – Say Hello To The World’s Fastest Visual Communication App!
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Early this year, in the midst of the global pandemic, we set out to build the fastest, most advanced visual communication platform. Today we’re thrilled to share it with the world. Say hello to Jumpshare v3! 🥳

Jumpshare v3 comes with a brand new interface with completely redesigned elements to focus on quick visual communication and team collaboration. We’ve also introduced Workspaces, Shared Library, a new recording tool, and more to help you work better. Here are some of the biggest changes:

A Fresh New Look

The first thing you will notice after updating your Jumpshare app is a brand new design with bigger and more accessible icons to access the tools on top of the window, along with quick access tabs to navigate between your libraries. The content area has been expanded to show 6 recent uploads, up from 5, helping you easily browse them. The search bar has been moved to the very top, allowing you to search all libraries in your Workspace quickly. We’ve re-written the architecture to make actions like switching between the libraries and searching for your uploads instant.

At Jumpshare, our philosophy is to help users become more productive in the least number of steps possible which means allowing users to perform most of the actions from their desktop app without forcing them to visit the web dashboard. This also means that Jumpshare is completely engineered using native code from the ground up for both Mac and Windows, making it incredibly fast and a breeze to use.

Meet The Dark Mode

We’ve introduced a long-awaited dark mode to our Mac app (coming soon to Windows!) so it complements the dark theme of our file viewer and of macOS which is preferred by many of our users.

Redesigned Screen Recording

We’ve heard your feedback and completely redesigned our screen recording tool so it’s faster, more efficient, and easier to use than before. A brand new responsive control bar now helps you easily access the recording controls and has allowed us to add more options as we expand this tool, such as recording quality, aspect ratio, restart recording, and more drawing shapes.

We’ve also updated the fullscreen controls and moved them to the left side of the screen so that it’s easily accessible. You can now switch between partial and fullscreen mode before starting your recording. The new design also works great on multi-monitor displays and allows you to view your content outside the recording area easily.

Copy Screenshots

The Annotation tool has been expanded to include a new Copy option. Now you have a choice to directly copy and paste your screenshots anywhere – emails, documents, and blog posts – without the need for saving it to the desktop or uploading it Jumpshare first.


We’ve moved away from accounts to Workspaces so that you can invite your teammates easily, helping everyone in your company communicate better, save time and become more productive. Most customers should be fine with one Workspace. However, customers with large teams can create multiple Workspaces, one each for every department, helping everyone collaborate better together and customize the settings according to their requirements.


Every Workspace now comes with three Libraries – Personal, Shared, and Team. As the name reflects, Personal Library is where your uploads go by default and they’re private. The Shared Library is where you can collaborate on your content with specific team members. The Team Library is for collaboration with all team members in your Workspace.

To invite specific members to collaborate in the Shared Library, just visit any file or folder in your personal library and click Share and then visit the Invite tab. We’ve also improved the Copy/Move dialog and added drag & drop so you can easily move your files from your Personal Library to the Team Library to share with your whole team.

Link Privacy Settings

Everyone has different sharing needs. Keeping this in mind, we’ve added greater privacy controls for your uploads. To access this option, open any file, click Share and visit the Privacy Controls tab. Here you will find the options to set your link privacy:

  • Anyone with a link can access
  • Restricted to specific people
  • Anyone with a password can access
  • Everyone in your Workspace can access
  • Only you can access

Owner and Admin(s) on the Business plan also get an option to set universal privacy settings for all new uploads on their Workspace. This universal setting is applied for all members in the Workspace, thus giving admins greater privacy controls.

Universal Self Destruct

For a long time, Jumpshare had an option to set self-destruct for individual files. Today, we’re bringing this option to Workspace Settings, allowing you to set a universal self-destruct for all new uploads to your Workspace. This setting is applied to all members in your Workspace automatically.

New Settings Page

You will notice that the Settings page has moved to the sidebar and has been split into two – Workspace Settings and Personal Settings. As the name suggests, the Workspace Settings is where you can control settings for your whole Workspace. Any changes applied, will be applied to all members in your Workspace. Personal Settings, on the other hand, allows you to set up your profile name, avatar, and update your credentials.

And So Much More!

Jumpshare v3 is a massive update and you will notice hundreds of smaller changes that didn’t make the list. This release would not have been possible without the encouragement and support from our customers. To all our customers, a big thank you for putting your trust in us! 🙇‍♂️

Jumpshare is now the fastest and most advanced visual communication software on this planet that combines all the tools in one app to take your team’s productivity to the next level. Go ahead and dive in and let us know your thoughts. We hope you like it as much as we do! 🙌

Important Note

You should receive an update automatically if you’re running the Mac and Windows apps. Some older versions of our apps may not receive an update. If you do not get an update, please download the latest build from our website. Happy holidays and happy sharing! 🎉

2022 here we come! 🚀