Introducing Jumpshare AI: Boost Video Engagement With Automatic Title, Summary, and Chapters

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce Jumpshare AI, a smart companion designed to enhance video engagement and accessibility, allowing you to concentrate all your efforts on creating and sharing videos effortlessly. Among its exciting offerings are three new features: Automatic Speaker Summary, Chapters, and Titles for your videos.

We’ve also added Captions Customization so you can further personalize the video player experience to match your brand.

Automatic Video Title

Let Jumpshare AI automatically rename your screen recordings based on their content while you focus on creating and sharing.

Automatic Video Summary

Now view a textual summary for each of your videos, right below the video player. Automatically generated using the content of a video’s transcription, this description offers viewers a quick overview of what the video is about. Copy the summary and paste it anywhere you share or embed the video to ease viewers into the content.

Summaries are editable and only generated for videos with over 120 spoken words.

The Automatic Summary feature can be disabled from Settings > Customize.

Automatic Video Chapters

Add further convenience to your video viewing with Automatic Chapters. All videos with over 120 spoken words will automatically have a set amount of chapters generated for them based on the content and length of their transcriptions.

Simply upload a video and let Jumpshare automatically break up and label its timeline for you, making it easier for viewers to skim through the video or skip to a particular moment of interest. Edit, add, or delete chapters as needed.

Select a chapter to switch to by hovering your mouse over the seek bar or scrolling down below the video player.

Automatic Chapters are enabled by default but can be easily disabled from Settings > Customize.

Learn more about how Automatic Title, Summary, and Chapters work here.

Customize Your Captions

Have your videos stand out by customizing the look and behavior of their closed captions. Choose from three different caption styles. Change font and background colors to better match your custom branding. Set a font size and weight of your choice or add a text outline to increase readability for your viewers.

Automatic Title, Summary, and Chapters as well as Caption Customization are all available to Jumpshare Plus (with Advanced Video Pack), Business, and Enterprise subscribers.

We’re excited to see how Jumpshare AI helps lighten your workload and improve video engagement!

Happy sharing!