Introducing – Jumpshare URL Shortener

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Jumpshare short URL

By default, every file and folder in Jumpshare has 20 random characters in the URL for maximum security. By having more characters, we make it almost impossible for hackers to guess your file’s URL. However, this results in the URLs getting too long and difficult to share in situations where you are short on text space.

Today, we are introducing a new URL shorter – – which reduces the URL length by 8 characters. In other words, it doesn’t shorten the 20 random characters which are unique for each file, but the name. See example below:

Original URL (44 characters):

Shortened URL (36 characters):

The shortened URL will only get copied to clipboard when you click the “Copy Link” option. The browser will still show the original URL in the address bar. When sharing on Facebook and Twitter, Jumpshare will show the shortened URL and will automatically redirect users to the original URL.

This is the first step towards reducing the length of our URL to make it easier for sharing, we’ll be reducing it even further over the next couple of weeks.