Introducing Filters, Settings Page, Flat User Interface And More

Introducing Filters, Settings Page, Flat User Interface And More
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As we prepare to launch Jumpshare Plus, we’ve given our entire interface a quick overhaul, added Filters, a Settings page and improved document, presentation, and spreadsheet output.

Flat User Interface


Our interface is now flat and we’ve added some elements to make it cleaner and more elegant, e.g, the Select files button is now more prominent in the sidebar, and background colors have been changed. It’s the same great Jumpshare but more eye-catching. We’ve also added new notification style. Now two notifications can be seen if more than one actions is performed. The notifications no longer obstructs you from using any other option in the header.

Introducing Filters

files filters

When you have a large number of files uploaded to multiple folders/groups, it becomes increasingly hard to find a specific category of files. Let’s say you uploaded 5 documents and they are in five different folders with a different set of files. You now want to view all 5 documents, what will you do? The only way was to individually find the folders and access the documents one by one. As of today, you can filter the files by categories. Just click “All” drop down and select Documents to see the list of all recently uploaded documents. The main categories for the filter are All, Images, Videos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Audios, Code, eBooks, and Other.

Settings Page

settings (1)

With a Settings pop-up box, our ability to list options were limited. With the Settings page we have the ability to provide as many options as possible. It’s now also easier to change settings because all sections are shown in one page. In the coming days, we’ll be adding more options to the Settings page to give our users greater control.

Tour for New Users

Jumpshare Web Tour

We do not follow the model of a traditional folder hierarchy. All folders/groups are listed in My Uploads page and each one of them have a different set of files inside them. We do not allow creating a folder within a folder. By doing away with traditional folder hierarchy, we make file sharing dead simple, fast, and easy. It also makes it quicker to scan the folders in My Uploads page to see which files are located where. For our new users who have trouble getting started, we’ve added a quick five step to help them understand how it works.

Better Document, Presentation, and Excel Output

While we continue to make big changes to the web app, we’ve not forgotten our core feature, which is the ability to view over 200 file formats online. We’ve made document, presentation, and excel output even better. Now documents with graphics heavy content and custom fonts will show up fine.

We hope that with these changes, sharing files will become a far better experience for our users. Please report any bugs that you may come across, so we can fix them. If you have any feature request, questions, or just a feedback, let us know in the comments below. Happy sharing!