Introducing Advanced Copy Link

Link copied to clipboard

The ability to share preview-only links (where download is disabled) and temporary links (that expire after a certain number of days, views and downloads), were only available when you were sending files via email to friends or clients. Many of you want to share files quickly on blogs, forums, IM, etc, and wanted advanced sharing options for Copy Link. Today, we’re introducing Advanced Copy Link tab in the Share box.

To access advanced copy link options, right click any file or folder and select Share. From the Share box, click on the new “Advanced Copy Link” tab. By default, your normal copy link URL is shown, choose advanced options and click “Generate” to generate a new URL having advanced options.

Advanced Copy Link

You can choose different advanced options at any time and click Generate to generate a new URL, there is no limit to how many times you can generate a new URL.

Advanced Copy Link tab will be available on the desktop apps in the next release. At the moment, you can access it from the Share box on the Web app.

Upgrade to Jumpshare Plus to access Advanced Copy Link options