Now You Can Import Files Shared With You To Your Account

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Jumpshare Import

We know how irksome it is to not be able to download files shared with you, either because your connection is slow or because your ISP has a bandwidth cap. We are also aware that many of you want to download files only to upload them again to your own account for safekeeping or to share them with your friends. Today we are introducing the Import feature to solve these problems. Just click Import on a folder or file shared with you and it will be added to your account instantly. If you are traveling and want to immediately save the files to access them later (either because you are busy or don’t have a fast internet connection), Import will come very handy.

You have the ability to Import the entire shared folder or individual files. To import the entire folder, just click Import button and confirm the action (see screenshot above). To import an individual file, hover your mouse over that file, click the Cog wheel icon and in the drop down, click Import. In the next step, specify which folder you want to import your files to. If you don’t want to import the file into any existing folder, you also have a choice to create a new folder.

Jumpshare Import Files

You can test this feature here. We hope you like it. Want more features or have a bug to report? Let us know. We’re listening. Happy sharing!