How to Send Videos Without Losing Quality

How to Send Videos Without Losing Quality
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With rapidly shortening attention spans and sensory overload being common features of the digital age, it is no surprise that video is the preferred medium for communication. Whether you are conducting a training and development session or onboarding new employees, video is your savior when it comes to clear communication. Fast, efficient, and direct, video content yields immense impact if delivered correctly.

However, what good is content if not shared at its full potential? The quality of video content often gets reduced by compression when you share it through social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, or messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Lucky for you, this common problem has many solutions so you can easily overcome the hurdle of sending videos without compromising on the quality.

Send Videos via Cloud Storage Services

A widely preferred method of sending videos and other media files is to use a cloud storage service. With cloud-based sharing platforms having become mainstream a while ago, we can finally bid adieu to the era of using hard drives and USBs to move files around. Now all you need to do is upload the video files to online storage and share it with your intended audience. Some commonly used cloud storage-sharing platforms include Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Google Drive video sharing

The process is roughly the same for each of these services – you upload a video to your account, select the uploaded file from your library, and copy a shareable link to it.

Alternatives like Jumpshare offer additional features geared toward video sharing, such as video CTA (call-to-action) and timed comments.

Send Videos via Email

A commonly used tool in every corporate workspace, emails are an old-school but reliable way to send videos from your computer or phone without compromising on the video quality. While this way might be convenient when dealing with smaller video files, there is usually a size limit imposed on the medium. This means that you’ll either have to keep your videos short or share via a link to a third-party service. For example, Gmail allows files over 25MB to be uploaded to and shared through Google Drive.

As uncompressed videos tend to be relatively larger in size, you’ll most likely have to use email in conjunction with one of the other services mentioned here.

Gmail Video Sharing

Send Videos Through a File Transfer Website

In light of the rapidly increasing demand for sharing platforms, there are several platforms with the sole purpose of being dedicated file transfer websites, such as WeTransfer. You can upload large files of any format and share them with people via a shareable link. With a medium such as this, the potential risk of your video landing in the wrong hands can’t be taken lightly, which is why some services may offer a password-protected service for an extra layer of security.


Send Videos Using Jumpshare

With Jumpshare, you can send large, uncompressed video files quickly and securely via link or email. You can upload and share video files of up to 1TB in just a few clicks, without having to wait for them to finish uploading. The best part is that recipients don’t need to jump through any hoops or download any other apps to share their videos as the Jumpshare file viewer can play video files of nearly any format. Moreover, Jumpshare offers advanced privacy settings for complete control of your files. You can choose who gains access to your files by password-protecting them or disabling downloads. You can also share files using a temporary link or set a self-destruct timer as an extra safety measure.

You can send video files with Jumpshare by following these three simple steps:

  1. Download Jumpshare for Mac or Windows and launch the app. Sign in to get started.
  2. Drag and drop your video file onto your Personal Library to upload it. A shareable link to the video file will be copied to your clipboard automatically.
  3. Paste the link wherever you wish to share the video, or use the Share button to send it via email.

Jumpshare video sharing

Regardless of your job or the industry you are operating in, the communicative power of videos can not be undermined. Whether you are training a new employee, sharing a lesson with students, or keeping team members privy to a project’s progress, video is one of the most effective mediums of communication. That is why the apps mentioned above are a corporate essential. From annotating your screenshots and recording your screen to sharing videos securely via link or email, Jumpshare does it all. Create, share and collaborate seamlessly with Jumpshare.