How To Get Started With AppleScript Automation Using Jumpshare

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Jumpshare for Mac 2.1.1 comes with support with AppleScript, allowing you to use our capable app for handling file-sharing tasks in your automation scripts. The app also comes with utilities for taking and annotating screenshots, screencasts, recording voice clips, and saving bookmarks. They are all available for use in your scripts.

In this blog post, we will show you how to start using Jumpshare in your AppleScripts.

Your first Jumpshare-powered AppleScript

Assuming you have downloaded and are using Jumpshare for Mac (if not, download from Mac App Store), open Script Editor on your Mac.

Image shows AppleScript Script Editor launch menu

Click on New Document. Type in the following:

tell application "Jumpshare"
    show window
end tell

Do not copy-paste the above-written script; type it out instead. If you copy-paste it, you may see syntax errors.

Image shows written script in Script Editor before being compiled.

Click on the Compile button (it looks like a hammer). If your script is correct, it will compile properly. Script Editor will change your script’s typeface to show it has compiled successfully.

Image shows compiled script in Script Editor.

Now click on the Play icon to execute the script! If it worked correctly, the Jumpshare app will show its window.

What’s Possible with Jumpshare + AppleScript

Jumpshare for Mac allows nine different scripting commands using AppleScript. We’ve listed them below, along with how to use them.

  • Upload a file or directory using ‘upload <filepath>‘ e.g.
    upload ((POSIX file "//") as alias)
  • Capture screen using ‘capture screenshot
  • Record screencast using ‘capture screencast
  • Compose a note (plain-text, code, or Markdown) using ‘compose
  • Bookmark a link using ‘bookmark “<URL>”
  • Record voice clip using ‘record voice clip
  • Upload anything from system clipboard using ‘upload from clipboard
  • Show Jumpshare window using ‘show window
  • Hide Jumpshare window using ‘hide window

Use these in a number of different combinations with your existing AppleScripts to make your workflows even more powerful. If you have any more suggestions for AppleScript scripting commands, please let us know in the comments section, or by emailing us at Happy scripting!