Happy New Year 2016! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Thank you for choosing Jumpshare for sharing your files. Last year, our users uploaded and shared almost 5 million files, which were viewed and downloaded an amazing 11 million times altogether!

We want to help you share your best work with your team and clients, so today, weโ€™re releasing a document controls bar for the file viewer, with a new option to switch to fullscreen, or print the document, and the ability to view images in their original resolution without compression.

Last year, we introduced nested folders on the web, and launched an all-new, powerful Mac app. We continued adding useful features like Favorites, List view, flawless PDF output, Sketch integration, and voice clips recording.The success of our web and Mac apps have helped us grow immensely – both as a file sharing platform, and as a team.

2016 will be absolutely spectacular!

Our iPhone app is just a few weeks away from launch. We are making final preparations as I write this blog post. Within the Jumpshare team, weโ€™ve almost completely shifted to using this app since thereโ€™s little to no need to open the web app anymore. Itโ€™s that good! Once launched, the Android app will follow soon.

A completely overhauled Windows app is right around the corner, too. It meets the excellent standard set by our Mac app, and then effortlessly goes beyond it. Everything our users love about the Mac app – lightning fast uploads, nifty annotation, screen & voice recording tools, and general, rock-solid reliability – is there, plus other features we want to keep as a surprise for now.

On top of launching these apps, weโ€™re working on comments, and other features to help you take feedback and collaborate with your team and clients from anywhere!

We have lots of exciting things planned for 2016, and canโ€™t wait to unveil them over the coming months. We hope Jumpshare will play an important part in helping you achieve greater success.

Happy New Year!

– The Jumpshare Team