Introducing New Drawing, Click Tracking, and Webcam Options in Screen Recording

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Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our next update for Mac and Windows apps. This update brings a slew of new screen recording features to help you personalize your communication.

Drawing Tool

Voiceover and click-tracking make for better screencasts but your customers may still struggle to follow you along. You can now help them out by adding screen annotations to a screencast with Jumpshare’s newly added drawing tool. The option to draw on-screen shows up right after you start a recording and you get to choose from 6 vibrant colors to draw with.

You can create multiple drawings and control when a drawing should appear on the screencast, and when it should automatically hide. We’ve also added some handy shortcuts that let you control the drawing tool while you’re recording. To undo drawing, use Ctrl+Z hotkey in Windows or Command+Z hotkey in Mac. To cancel drawing, you can either click the X button next to the colors or simply use Esc key.

Webcam Modes

Enabling webcam during screen recordings helps you personalize your videos and create a meaningful connection with your customers. In Windows, the option for showing a webcam during recording was missing and in Mac, we had a basic webcam circle. Now we’ve added a full-fledged dynamic webcam that comes in 4 shapes/sizes – small circle, large circle, 1/3rd vertical screen, and fullscreen. We’ve also added the ability for you to change shape and move webcam position either before or during the recording.

Click Tracking

We’ve introduced a brand new click tracking feature in the Windows app and improved it in the Mac app. Now click tracking is accurate and visible in both normal and High Retina displays. Click tracking is a great way to highlight where you are clicking on the screen to guide users along. Both left and right-clicks are highlighted on your screen.

Support for macOS Catalina

The latest macOS from Apple, Catalina, brings a slew of new permission controls that are required for the app to work properly. Jumpshare is now fully compatible with Catalina and integrates natively to help you remain productive.

Support for Light theme in Windows 10

Jumpshare now supports the Windows 10 light theme that was added to the OS earlier this year. Now, when you have the light theme enabled on Windows 10, you will see a dark kangaroo icon in the system tray. If you’re one of those users who prefer using the light theme, this update will help you do just that.

We hope you like this update, there are lots more features coming out soon to help you be more productive. Stay tuned!