Brand New Windows Screen Recorder & System Audio Recording on Mac

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Carrying forward our renewed focus on video, the latest update to our desktop apps revisits the core of our visual communication suite – screen recording. The Jumpshare Windows app has an all-new screen recorder, rebuilt from scratch, the Mac app now has system audio recording, and users can now switch between screen recording framerates on both.

Ground-Up Remake of the Windows Screen Recorder

The new, re-coded Windows screen recorder isn’t just faster, it is also far more resource-efficient. Its new core allows it to operate more as a part of the operating system than a third-party app, yielding improved overall performance at significantly lower CPU and GPU usage. Now enjoy smoother screen, webcam, and GIF recording with improved color reproduction and audio sync, even on older systems!

One-Click System Audio Recording on Mac & Windows

One Click System Audio

The Jumpshare screen recorder now comes equipped with system audio recording. Record the audio being played on your system along with that from your microphone as part of all your screen recordings.

System audio recording can be enabled with a single click from the recording controls right before you start your screen recording. On Mac, this option is made available after a short, first-time setup from the app’s Preferences window.

We’ve also rebuilt the audio recorder on Windows, making it faster and more stable.

Switch Between Framerates for Smoother Screen Recording

New to both the Mac and Windows apps is the ability to switch the framerate or FPS (Frames Per Second) at which the screen recorder captures video. Now switch between 15, 30, and 60 frames per second from the app’s Preferences at any point before starting a new screen recording.

Higher framerates yield smoother recordings and are particularly useful for instances where you might need to capture increased on-screen activity. Lower framerates will keep the size of your screen recordings relatively smaller, though the difference isn’t significant in cases where there is low on-screen activity.

This is why our new default recording framerate has been set to 30 frames per second, striking the perfect balance between quality and size.

Both updates are available to all Jumpshare users today! Take the new screen recorder for a spin and let us know how it feels. Your feedback, as always, remains a valuable part of our development process.

Happy sharing!