Brand New Audio, Video, And Presentation Player

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video player Jumpshare

Today we’re releasing a brand new audio, video, and presentation player to offer a better experience for our users and recipients alike. The new players offer a cleaner look departing from the previous designs that were heavily based on gradients and moving towards flat design. In the new audio and video players, you will now find both play time and total time of the media files. You will also find that the audio volume control is now front and center, clearly visible, making it easier to turn it up and down.

presentation player Jumpshare

The most noticeable change can be found in the presentation player where the seek bar has been replaced with next/previous and first/last slide buttons in order to make it less distracting and easier to control. The full screen mode has been improved to help you present slides easily on a large screen or a projector.

Along with these changes, we’ve also increased the output quality of images across all formats, so you will notice clearer and sharper images starting this week.